Using Dark Tiles in Your Bathroom

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There are many ways to improve the look of your bathroom. Whether you are looking to make changes to the bathroom because you plan to sell or you are just in need of some new style, the changes to the tile can make a huge difference. Many people are very picky about bathroom tile, so going for a modern look is likely going to be a winner. Here are 4 tips on how to use dark tiles in your bathroom.

1. Benefits of Dark Tiles

Dark tiles have the ability to make the entire room look more comfortable. Dark tiles are also often used because it is easy to find contrasting colours with décor. to accentuate the design. Some colour options for dark tiles include black, brown and bronze coloured tiles. If you want the tile to go well with your bathroom décor, then you might want to select the dark colour that best compliments your existing décor.

2. Dark Tile Also Hides Dirt

If you are one of those people that is continuous trying to keep the bathroom clean, you will be happy to know that dark coloured tile is especially effective at hiding dirt. Bathrooms that have white tile can end up looking dirty quickly. By having dark tile in your bathroom, you won't be compelled to redesign your bathroom as quickly due to issues with the tile.

3. Use Lighting to Make Dark Tile Stand Out

If you are unsure if you want to use dark tile in your bathroom, dark tiles can be made to stand out with the use of lighting. Certain tile materials may be translucent or transparent which can make a bathroom with dark tile especially appealing when the right lighting is used. In addition to the floor, dark tile can also be used to make walls more appealing through the use of lamps and overhead lighting options.

4. Opt for Dark Grout

The final step to opting to use dark grout in your bathroom is to make sure that you use dark grout as well. By opting for dark grout, the bathroom tiles will stand out even more and any dirt or debris that gathers in the grout should be hidden, for the most part. 

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