Types of Window Grilles

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Window grilles can help to keep your home safe and secure. Not only are they designed to keep thieves and intruders out, they can also prevent accidental falls. If you live in a high-floor estate and you have young children or elderly people living in your home, window grilles are essential.

Window grilles come in a wide variety of styles which can make choosing grilles that match your home easier. They can also be made from several different materials including aluminium, steel, iron and metal. These materials all tend to be very durable. However, some materials are more prone to corrosion than others. Here are some basic details regarding the various types of window grilles so that you can select the best type.

Steel Grilles

Despite the fact that steel is a heavy type of metal and can be prone to rust, steel window grilles are actually a good choice in terms of protection. Steel is almost impossible to bend or break. With proper maintenance, steel grilles will actually not rust and can offer an aesthetically pleasing design.

Aluminium Grilles

Aluminium grilles are the most lightweight grilles available. They are excellent for houses that are made partially of wood and won't apply too much pressure to the building structure when installed when compared with other grille material options.

Iron Grilles

Iron grilles are excellent in terms of strength. However, they may rust easier if there is a lot of moisture and humidity in the air. Iron grilles can become costly to repair and repaint which can add up over time.

Iron grilles can also be moulded to fit the homeowner's style requests and so that they will fit into the space perfectly. Iron grilles are preferred over aluminium grilles when it comes to looks as aluminium grilles are not really designed to add to the look of the home.

Although the various window grille materials each have their own advantages and disadvantages, the most important determination in selecting window grilles should be the homeowner's budget. It is important to weigh this decision carefully because removing window grilles after they have been installed can be difficult.

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