Top Home Remodeling Projects You’ll See in 2018


Sometimes it feels as if home design trends change at lightning speeds. As soon as one particular style becomes popular, another completely different trend emerges. Whether you’re a contractor looking to stay in touch with this ever-changing industry, or you’re a trend-following homeowner in need of some home improvement, keeping tabs on the home remodeling market can be tricky business. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest design trends for 2018 that will make up the bulk of your home remodeling projects for the year.

Changing color schemes

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a tired and outdated space is by changing the color scheme. On-trend hues vary from year to year, with the color gurus at Pantone often leading the way in predictions for popular color schemes. Next year is set to be one of the brightest yet for color lovers, so expect to see freshly painted living spaces in bold blues, greens, pinks, and purples. For home improvement professionals, this will likely mean an upswing in large scale painting jobs, bespoke finished cabinetry, and even colored fixtures and fittings.

Detailed backsplashes

Kitchen remodeling jobs are always popular with homeowners—especially those who use their kitchens heavily on a daily basis. Backsplashes are the top of the kitchen trend list for 2018, with tiles in geometric patterns and more intricate designs winning out over previously popular subway tiles. Many tile lovers are choosing to make a statement with their new backsplashes, either by covering an entire wall with decorative tiles or by creating their own personalized tiles from a selection of unique designs.


Creative storage

Storage is an essential component of home design, but the latest trends across the home improvement industry lean towards creative and smart storage solutions that hide away appliances and equipment. This trend is particularly popular in modern and minimalist style kitchens, where a seamless and clutter-free look is paramount. It can also be applied to storage in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces. Another completely different storage solution that remains trendy in 2018 is open shelving, which appeals to homeowners who want to showcase their belongings as part of their home design.

Increased tech integration

Smart homes are on the upswing, with residential technology rapidly becoming the new normal. In 2018, professionals can expect to see a desire for more integrated smart systems (such as security, lighting, HVAC, energy use, and even appliances) that can be controlled remotely with the touch of a button. Because the technology behind smart home gadgets develops so quickly, these kinds of home remodeling projects will likely continue to be prevalent among tech-savvy homeowners for years to come.

Bathroom overhauls

While many of the home remodeling trends topping the lists for 2018 involve small cosmetic changes that take little time and effort, bathroom remodeling jobs are always slightly more complicated. Next year, contractors who specialize in bathrooms will see an increase in large-scale projects that involve knocking down walls and decreasing the size of adjacent rooms in order to make bathrooms larger with a more open-plan layout. In addition to wanting more space in their bathrooms, homeowners will also request more luxurious surroundings. This includes geometric tiles, smart technology, and even high-end industrial design elements incorporated whenever possible.


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