Tips to Help You Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave


Every once in a while, a man needs a place to go when he wants some quality alone time. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to get away from the stressful atmosphere of work to read a book in peace. Other times, you might want to indulge in video games and watching sports. Whatever your reasoning may be, a man cave is the perfect environment to make that happen. If you have a spare garage, the thought has probably crossed your mind. Here are some ways you can turn it into a reality.

  1. Have a vision

You’ve probably already envisioned the perfect man cave in your mind. You need to find a way to translate this into the real thing. Consider all the things you want to have in this perfect male oasis. Maybe you want a pool table right next to your own special leather couch. Before buying both, you need to consider the limitations of your own garage. You can’t have a bunch of things that won’t fit on the inside. On the other hand, anything is possible with a little proper organization.

There are some things you outright can’t or shouldn’t add to your man cave. Anything that is particularly dangerous or ridiculous should be out of the question.

Stick to a specific theme. It's completely understandable that you might want to have a gaming rig right next to your flat screen TV, but using gym equipment right next to it might clash with the whole idea. It can be either your place for relaxing and gaming or your workout zone. Picking both might not give you enough space to utilize everything.

  1. Renovate the flooring & walls

Obviously, you're not going to be able to enjoy your man cave if it still looks like a garage from the inside. You need to renovate quite a few things. It's a good idea to start from the bottom up. Think of what kind of floor you prefer having. Something that is naturally warm to the touch might be preferable. This way, you and your guests don't have to wear shoes when you're spending time here.

Garage walls and floors are usually cold and boring, which aren’t attributes you want for your man cave. You should start by covering all of the walls with drywall. It will give you a warm base and let you do as you please from that point on. Once you have the basics done, decorations are in order. Go wild with the paint job. After all, it’s your personal getaway. When you’re satisfied with the colour, it’s time to go wild with posters. Sports legends and rock stars never go out of style.

  1. Add some cool gadgets

When it comes to man caves, there’s no such thing as too much functionality. You will want to give yourself the utmost in comfort. This can be the perfect opportunity to flex your technological skills. Make using your man cave even cooler by adding a clap-activated switch to all of your lights. This will impress guests more than you think. Install remote controlled LED lights and you can create a rave with the press of a button.

Don’t forget about the garage door either. You don’t want a boring, noisy garage door that has to be opened manually. Places like Active Garage Doors have a bunch of ways to make it more interesting. You should have a customized garage door that isn’t a safety hazard. When you’re being rowdy with your friends, you don’t want anyone to get injured because the garage door mechanism snapped.

  1. Give it some proper lighting

Most garages were created with the sole purpose of holding a car overnight. You won’t see a lot of interesting light fixtures here unless you add them yourself. This is one area where you can really shine. Go all out with the lighting. When you incorporate lights, make sure they match the tone and style of your manly retreat.

Some interesting lamps should illuminate your tables, while the main attraction should be the ceiling light. A lot of ceiling light designs allow you to aim the lights and dim them whenever you please. The only issue you might run into is installing them. As you might remember, garages aren’t usually designed for a variety of lighting options. If you’re not very skilled with light fixtures and wiring, it might be best to call an electrician to help you out.


Creating the perfect man cave requires quite a bit of work and dedication. As every man knows, this is just part of the charm of building it. There’s nothing that beats the satisfaction of being able to enjoy a sanctuary that you built for yourself. Use some of these ideas and your man cave will become the pinnacle of creativity and comfort.

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