Tips for Turning Your Garage into an Ultimate DIY Workshop

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If you are creative and don’t want to rent a workshop or clutter your living space, you should move to the garage. However, you might already have plenty of furniture and household junk in there. That is why you need to organize your time and stuff, add a few necessary elements and create your DIY oasis in no time.

Clean It Up

The first thing to do is clean up the garage. You should throw away any furniture and household junk that has piled up over the years. If you decide to keep some things in the garage, you have to draw a clear line between the workshop area and storage area. Also, you can create “stations” or categories and group all the things in the garage according to them so there would be no clutter.

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Get the Tools

You cannot work without any tools. Some basic tools that you will need are a table saw, band saw, drill press, belt sander, grinder, anvil or vise, and compound miter saw. However, the list of needed tools will depend on which projects you plan on doing. So, do research and make sure you have everything you need.

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Good Lighting

Garages can be dark and gloomy, but that is not an environment in which you should work. To make things better and safer, you have to introduce several task lighting fixtures and place them strategically. Opt for track bulbs which are easy to set up and which can provide overhead lighting that you really need. However, since such bulbs can create plenty of shadows, you need to add a few accessory fixtures such as clip-on or standalone lamps, which will provide enough light for all the detailed work.

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Plenty of Storage

Since all the DIY projects involve plenty of materials and tools, you need plenty of storage space. Tools will be your most valuable items, so make sure you have tool boxes and chests that can be locked and stored neatly. Also, you can invest in movable cabinets which you can use as a working surface and storage at any time and place. Additionally, it is smart to invest in quality shelving solutions that are spacious and sturdy enough to bare all the necessary materials, boxes and tools. Pegboards are another element that every workshop needs, because you can make use of the vertical storage and hang any bigger tools on them.

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Cooling and Heating

If you have overlooked the garage insulation, you can be sure the atmosphere in there is not going to be comfortable. A poorly insulated garage means scorching summers and freezing winters and that is not a suitable working environment for any project. To make things better, you should insulate the garage and its doors, and provide some unobtrusive heaters to keep you warm. As far as summers are concerned, you can bring in a portable AC unit and use it no matter the weather.

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Every workspace demands proper ventilation, especially a workshop. There will be plenty of sawing and cutting and dust will be all over the place; that is why you need to invest in ventilation. Sometimes, it is not enough to open a window, so you should at least add a ceiling exhaust system. Also, you can upgrade your garage with air vents, dust removal apparatus and a central vacuum system, which will keep the air clean and fresh.

With a little bit of organization, decluttering and adding a few elements and fixtures, your DIY workshop will be complete. Remember to keep it tidy and well-ventilated, and you will enjoy working on your projects.

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