Three Ways to Create and Maintain the Perfect Bedroom


Ideally, your bedroom should be the one place in the home where you can retreat from everything and just relax. It has been said that you can detect a person’s general mental state by seeing what is in their bedroom, and that is an accurate statement.

Here are three ways that you can do right now to create and most importantly maintain a bedroom that is appealing but also not boring in its design.

Understand what the bedroom is for and declutter if necessary

The first thing isn’t really an action so much as it is a mentality. Many people mistakenly use their bedroom for other functions other than relaxing and sleeping. This is not a good idea, and does not reflect well on yourself.

An ideal bedroom should only contain your bed and a couple of drawers for your clothes. While having other furniture or a nightstand is a nice addition, it is not totally necessary. If you are the type to have a lot of things laying around in your bedroom, it will become cluttered.

This can result in a couple of unsavory things. First, guests will be less than impressed. Second, studies have shown that being around a lot of disorganization can create less than ideal mental states and brain fog. This is why it is important to make sure that your bedroom is free of as much clutter as possible.

This goes double if your bedroom is a master bedroom, meaning it has a bathroom attached.

After decluttering, decorate

A completely decluttered bedroom can look pretty boring. It is necessary to do have some semblance of decorations around the bedroom to not only make it a place where you can relax, but also a place that will impress anybody else who is around it.

If your bedroom is a master bedroom, a few more decorations can be made as well. Again, do not go too far with these decorations to where the room becomes cluttered. There are plenty of decorations that do not clutter a room.

Proper spacing of these decorations is very key. Think of how you might have decorated your room in your youth. What did you do? You likely just threw together a whole bunch of decorations that probably did not appear organized at all.

This is why it is good to not only resist the temptation to decorate, but to also plan out what should go where. While a properly decorated bedroom can look very impressive, a bedroom with decorations that are not properly organized can actually take away from this aesthetic value.

Make sure the decorations “make sense”

There is nothing that looks worse than bed accessories that do not match or ones that look out of place relative to the rest of the bedroom. This also goes for decorations as well, and just as it is important to make sure your bedroom is decluttered, it is also important for the decorations in your bedroom to come together properly.

The easiest way to do this is to start with the bed itself. If you need to, purchase brand new bedding sets, this way everything in the bed matches. Make sure you compare it to all the other decorations in your room this way nothing appears disorganized.

Maintaining the look of the bedroom

While it takes a lot of work to decorate a bedroom, it is also important to maintain it. Do not let the bedroom get too cluttered and do not let anything get too dusty. Doing this routine maintenance will ensure that the bedroom will not only look good at all times, but it will also clear the air in the bedroom.

Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.

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