The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Guide


While incredibly rewarding, the process of renovating your bathroom can be overwhelming. This is a comprehensive guide that will help you with planning for all your remodeling needs.  

The Best Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

Whether you are giving a small bathroom a big makeover or you are focusing on decorative tips that will take your home to the next level, it doesn't hurt to get a little creative help when redesigning your bathroom. Read on for ideas to help you kickstart your bathroom remodeling process.

1. Aim for Smaller Bathroom Fixtures

It's the small things that really make the biggest impact. This is certainly true when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Choosing to go with smaller fixtures like towel holders, faucets and decorative lighting, will help to open your space and who doesn’t love a spacious bathroom?

Go for consistency as you select the hardware throughout your bathroom. Look for fixtures that have the same finishes so your knobs, faucets and lighting all work together cohesively. For example, if you are going with chrome faucets, you'll want to make sure the rest of your fixtures are just as sleek.

With lighting, you'll want to focus on maximum illumination. Placing the lighting in a central location will make it easier for you to get ready any time of the day as you shower, clean and tend to your daily routine.

2. Keep Larger Items Functional

When purchasing larger hardware for your bathroom, carefully analyze the function and style of each piece before you purchase it. This is particularly true as it comes to vanities, mirrors and cabinets. Keep the functionality of these items at the forefront of your mind by including them to incorporate storage.

Similarly, when deciding on a bathtub or shower, you'll want to make choices about what each offer. Will you choose style and luxury over practicality? Most homeowners value a bathroom with more luxurious appliances and view it as an investment.

3. Consider the Layout

Don't neglect the overall layout of your bathroom. Analyze how you will redesign your bathroom to make the best use of your space. Make updates to the layout of your bathroom based on the frequency in which you use it. For example, if you are ready to renovate a master bathroom, there are certain decisions that you wouldn't make when redesigning a guest half-bathroom.

For your master bathroom, consider choosing amenities that will make you feel most at home. Consider re-tiling, re-wiring, and re-organizing everything in the room. With a new floor and new amenities, your bathroom will easily become your dream bathroom.

In a smaller bathroom, consider making your space look bigger by adding more lighting and removing unnecessary items that are bulking up the area. Taking out the bathtub and any unnecessary cabinetry can do wonders with the layout of your smaller bathroom.

4. Decide on Decoration

Your renovation does not have to involve you ripping up the floor. For a simple and more modest bathroom, consider making basic changes to the decor. With added lighting, a few coats of paint and updated art and shelving, you'll find that you can make quick work of a basic bathroom remodel.

Other decoration tips include bringing in fresh towels, a new shower curtain, decorative shelving and a creative color scheme. Popular colors for today's bathrooms include neutral tones like brown, black, grey and white.

5. Keep Things Fun and Safe for Kids' Bathrooms

Don't hold back on the fun when redoing your kids' bathrooms. Bring in bright colors, cool textures and creative art to keep your children's creativity stimulated, even in the bathroom. As you redo the room, always keep things age appropriate. Make it easy for kids to stay safe in the bathroom by keeping any potential hazards out of reach.

Renovations are an exciting chance to change things up in your home. Use these five tips to help you make the best decisions as you plan out your bathroom remodel.

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media specialist for Re-Bath. She often produces content for a variety of home + design blogs.

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