The Best Summertime Treats for You and Your Home


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We usually associate summertime in the backyard with barbeque, ice tea, and lazy sunbathing. Since you've certainly worked hard to maintain your home and its curb appeal, you deserve to treat yourself with the best new features every now and then. Once the autumn rears its ugly head, the weather becomes too unpredictable and volatile for any long-term home improvement project. Therefore, summertime is the most reliable period for renovations, weather-wise. If you are interested to find out how to prepare your house for the following period and how to improve its overall appearance and function, here are the best summertime treats for you and your home.

Lacquering wood

Chances are your household has some supporting wooden beams and structures, not to mention the fact that the entire house (or at least parts of it) can be made of wooden panels. In this case, it's really important to cover all the exterior wooden surfaces of your household with lacquer by the end of every summer. The point of this is to protect the wood from fluctuating weather conditions, as well as various levels of humidity, storms and blizzards. This is a sort of project that can vary in scope - from a few hours of lacquering to a week-long chore.

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Make sure windows are well insulated

Doors and windows are the weakest points of your household. Summertime is the most opportune moment to check if there is some sort of draft or problems with insulation on the window frame or door frame. The best indicator that something is wrong is constant and quick reheating of your house even though you are using your air conditioning constantly. Bad window and door insulation will be a problem no matter if it's hot or cold, and this issue can really do a number on your utility bills.

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Green electric overhaul

Going green is all the rage now for all the right reasons. Cities grow uncontrollably, population numbers are blowing up and, in turn, resources are spreading thin. This means we need to find feasible ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Ecological remodels in the household usually begin with electrical grids and reliable CBUS installers will provide you with a system that will allow you to use smart technology in your home. They can help you install a whole set of brand new features - nifty automatic control of lighting, air conditioning, entertainment systems etc. This, of course, also includes the control of exterior lights. This is a serious investment, but it can really help you save on your electricity bills in the long run.

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Add a big deck to your backyard

Building a stylish big deck is by far one of the most desired home improvement projects. If you decide to treat yourself with this exciting new feature, it can really alter the appearance of your home’s exterior, especially if you add an optional reclining roof above it.  One of the most enticing qualities of decks is that they serve as multi-purpose environments where you can have relaxing drink sessions with friends and family. Of course, it can also serve as a makeshift playground for your kids. Decks are also a good solution for spending time outdoors without being exposed to harmful sun rays.

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Build an idyllic exterior kitchen

Here's a good idea for a summertime remodel - building any additional facilities in your backyard is a serious undertaking but if you get a chance to create an exterior kitchen, it might turn out to be the best and the most useful extra feature you’ve added to your household. Making an exterior kitchen is also a good chance to go wild when it comes to design - it can be idyllic and rustic, in ways that harken back to simpler times. On the other hand, it can be an ultra-modern, sleek kitchen encased in wall-sized glass windows. It can also be a multi-purpose environment where you can deal with particularly pungent foods and reserve a few square meters for a barbeque setup.

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You'll hardly find a more opportune time to update your home than the summer. With at least a few of these renovations, you will make sure your house is properly maintained and kept throughout the year. If there's enough room, adding several new facilities cannot only turn out to be an excellent treat but it can also increase the value of your household.

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