How to Choose the Best Door Styles to Consider When Building a Home


Doors may seem like a simple thing but they are more complex than they appear. It’s easy for anyone to overlook the importance of the style feature. As a property owner, it’s good to ensure your doors look nice as they play a big role in enhancing the style of your home.  

However, it all depends on the role that you want that door to play, like keeping your home warm or draft-free. Plus, you can choose the perfect style based on how peaceful or quiet it makes your house feel.  Knowing what you need is central to choosing the right door style.


Style should come first as opposed to technologies and materials which will help you achieve that goal. After knowing the door style, you can proceed to make the right door replacement choice.  Ensure the door matches your home decor and the style complements the home. 

There are many innovations to consider that makes your home more efficient and environmentally friendly.  So, what are these ins and outs to consider? Remember, it’s easier to make the best choice if you know the kind of door style you want whether it’s for interior, patio or exterior purposes.  

Types of door styles and what to consider when choosing the right one

Irrespective of whether you are doing building or remodeling work, choose your doors considering the style that look best.  A door is a visual fixture which only makes sense if it’s looking good. Not all doors have similar styles.

Doors play different roles that govern the materials they are built from and the nature of the design. Basic types of doors are patio, exterior and interior. Closet doors are part of interior door category.  

Exterior door

Exterior doors are also called entry doors and stand on elements made from different materials with wood being the dominant material.  Other materials include fiberglass and steel. Consider the location of your exterior door when choosing the right style. You can spend a little more on front doors if you prefer distinctive wood craftsman that suits your style.  

Remember, entrances are more noticeable than garage doors. Choose a door style with the best insulation value. 

Interior doors

Interior doors have many styles and shapes that run from hollow-core to beautiful custom wood door styles.   Mostly, the interior doors are made using medium density fiberboard or wood. 

Hollow doors transmit noise easily than solid doors and are less expensive. Besides, the doors feel flimsier and don’t have much heft.

Solid doors are made using real wood veneer with rail and stile construction.  Some carpenters layer real wood veneer over MDF.

Patio doors 

 Patio doors are unique as they are exterior doors but contain more glass. Therefore, its looks more like a window. It’s best that you go for energy performance.  Patio doors are available in different styles. The two main configurations are hinged and sliding doors.  

Some hinged styles are French doors with both hinges at the left and right sides of the door frame.  

Other styles have only one door opening. Consider the difference in the space-makeup between the hinged and sliding varieties. Sliding doors don’t take up much space as they don’t swing out into the room. You need more space if you are using a hinged door style.  

Garage doors

This is the largest door in the home and very complex.   There are many door style varieties to choose from depending on your needs.  The door comes in different construction and its best to choose the right style and type. Remember, it’s a visible part of the home and it makes perfect sense to complement your home style.  What type of material do you want? Ensure the door materials gives you the safety features you desire. The right safety features ensures your garage remain safe. Besides, you can have professionals install those features or try your own hand at it.  

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