The Basics About paint Colours

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to understand some basics about colour theory in order to successfully bring all of your ideas together. Here are some basic tips about colour theory that should help you to get started.

Use the Colour Wheel

A colour wheel can help you figure out which colours work best together without you having to guess. If you are trying to design your home by using a colour wheel, there are many options for cell phone apps that will allow you to utilise the benefits of a colour wheel.

Basic Colours

The colour wheel is made up of 12 shades. The primary colours refer to the colours red, blue and yellow. The secondary colours refer to colours such as orange, purple and green. The secondary colours can be made by mixing the primary colours together. Tertiary colours are those that can be made from mixing the primary and secondary colours together.


Neutrals are use to make a shade lighter or darker. This can help you to make additional colours from a basic colour that you have selected. The three elements of changing colours are tint, shade and tone. A tint is the process of making a colour lighter by adding white to it. A shade is the act of making a colour darker by adding in black. A tone refers to the process of making the colour darker by adding in grey.

Colour Temperature

When you select a colour for an interior design, you may want to consider colour temperature. The colour temperature can determine how cool or warm a space feels. When it comes to a warm colour, you will want to use such a colour in a large room. When it comes to cool colours, these work best when placed in a small room.

When it comes to decorating your home, ultimately it is up to you to do what feels right. However, using a colour wheel to select the right colours for your home, can save you a lot of headaches and time. 

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