Strategies to Help Your Home Sell Faster


Selling a home isn’t always easy. On average, it takes 65 days for a home to move off the market. However, this is only the average. In other cases at the further end of the spectrum, a home could sit on the market for months and months without any acknowledgment from serious buyers.

If your home just refuses to sell, it may not be just bad luck. You may not be doing everything you can to attract buyers and close the sale. With that in mind, below are some tips you can use to spice up your home to help it move off the market more quickly.

Work on Your Yard

One of the most important elements of a home that can either attract or repel buyers is the home’s yard. While the yard isn’t part of your house’s physical structure, it is a big determinant of a person’s first impression of a property. According to Turf Magazine, quality landscaping can improve a home's selling price by as much as 5.5 to 11.4 percent.

That’s a big increase in value. The property is also likely to sell much faster as well. When people shop for homes, they tend to use a photo of the property to help make the decision of whether or not to investigate the property. Ensuring that your home is surrounded by immaculate landscaping can improve that impression. Would-be-buyers are also likely to drive by first before making an appointment to view the indoors. That street view of the home is extremely important, and the landscaping plays a huge role in it. Make yard work a priority to help sell your home faster.

Move Out Your Stuff

If your home is attractive enough and the word of mouth gets out through online listings, you’ll eventually get buyers who want to see the inside. While there’s a lot you can do to fix-up the inside of your home to make it look presentable, you may be ignoring one of the simplest steps you can take. If you really want to hook in a buyer, you should remove as many of your possessions from inside of the home as you can.

This tactic is subtle and psychological in nature, but it’s one that works. When people view a home for sale, they like to imagine their family living in the home. They want to imagine how their family will use each room, and they will want to imagine how they will fill each room with their own furniture and possessions. If your home is filled with your own stuff, that becomes much more difficult. You want your home to have a more open look to it as opposed to a “lived in” look.

Paint Your Walls

Another choice for increasing the selling speed of your home that won’t cost too much money is giving your walls a new coat of paint. Paint on a wall, like anything, can age overtime. It can chip, fade and lose its attractive appearance.

Repainting your walls can also give you a chance to redesign your rooms a bit to make them more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. According to, homes with kitchen walls that were painted light blue or soft gray blue sold for an extra $1,809.

Hold a Viewing

If all else fails, you may need to think a bit outside the box. Consider holding a viewing of the house for the public. At the viewing, you may want to offer snacks and hors d'oeuvres. You may even want to have some entertainment or hire a masseuse to perform free deep tissue massage and rolfing. Overall, do something that brings some attention to your home so you can make buyers aware of your property.

Sometimes, it takes a while to sell a property. Don’t get discouraged. If you are having trouble, try some of the strategies outlined above to improve your chances of moving your home off the market quickly.


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