Stay Safe From Toxins When Putting In Your Driveway

The materials used for constructing a driveway need to be handled carefully. That is because some of them, like asphalt or cement sealant, have the potential to release toxic fumes, which can cause health problems.

Workers exposed to asphalt fumes, for example, have reported skin rashes, headaches and nausea. If you are putting in a driveway, be sure to follow these safety tips so that you avoid exposure and adverse health effects.

Learn About Your Materials

Read the label on the product you chose to use for your driveway construction project. You can also use additional resources to gather more information about the chemical ingredients that you find listed on the label. Australia’s National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is a helpful tool to use. It contains a complete list of chemicals, with safe-handling information for each listing

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Regardless of the temperature outside, you will want to wear clothing that provides a layer between your skin and the products you are using. Also wear work gloves, goggles, and a hard hat if your project includes the use of machinery. Wear your protective equipment any time you are on the site of the project, even if you’re not actively working.

Although skin has protective qualities and can serve as a border, it is also an organ itself and should be protected. Skin is also porous, meaning that there are little holes in it that can absorb chemicals. Don’t rely on your skin to protect you from the hazardous chemicals you are using in your construction project. Protect it with a durable layer.

Protect Your Airway

Toxic fumes are gaseous, and so are mainly taken into the body through the airway. Your skin is also exposed to the gas and can absorb toxins, which was why we discussed PPE. For your airway, you can wear a protective, filtering air mask over your nose and mouth.

Though this can be uncomfortable or make communication with your team difficult, it is well worth it. You’ll be stopping contaminants from entering into your airway and lungs, where they could irritate the sensitive respiratory-tract tissue.

When you put in a new driveway or work on maintaining the one that you already have, it is vital to protect your health. The construction materials that you use for your project could have hazardous effects on the body if you don’t use them correctly. Read up on the products that you will be using, and then take appropriate protective measures.

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