Small Décor Essentials that Are the Epitome of Sophistication


Nailing the elegant and sophisticated look isn’t as easy as it might seem once you look at all those pictures in interior design magazines. Efficiently styling your home in a sophisticated manner requires careful and thorough thought. It’s no wonder that interior designers consider this style the most difficult to conquer. The key lies in the details, which is why taking special care when choosing décor elements of your home should be your first step. Think about what details would suit your home most, and here are some of them to begin with.

Eye-catching focal points

Focal furniture and décor pieces catch everyone’s attention once they set foot in any room. Choosing the right focal points is essential for nailing the chic elegance, because a truly sophisticated home always has to stand out in some way. Keep in mind that drawing attention doesn’t mean having an extravagant layout, but it can also leave the implicit feeling of uniqueness. Like Coco Chanel once said, luxury mustn’t be seen, but it must be felt.

What you can do is choose to place the most stunning piece of art right above your living room sofa, or above the bed in your bedroom. This way, you can disguise a statement accent in your focal point frame, which will make it seem more stunning, but without being overwhelming.

Large statement art

If you look at a room and it seems that something is missing from it, then you can probably notice the walls are empty. Never leave your walls plane if you wish to go for more elegance, because hanging art is the epitome of a stylish home. A large statement piece of art is just what your room might be missing.

Be careful to choose the right proportions, since a large wall element in a tiny room can make it seem even smaller and more cluttered. In such cases, it would be better to choose a theme set of many smaller pictures or other wall hanging elements (paintings, photo collages or drawings even).

Keep it clean

Minimalism is a trademark of style and elegance, but it requires keeping your home neat and tidy at all costs. Once you start cluttering stuff and avoiding your cleaning duties, you can say goodbye to a sophisticated home. One of the reasons why this style is so hard to achieve is that it needs absolute tidiness in order to be truly effective.

A well-organized home can easily avoid the cluttering trap, which is why you need to have a plan of what goes where at all times. Every piece of your belongings needs to have a place, and everyone who lives with you should know where this place is. Without such organization, things can easily get lost or misplaced, but also left all around, drawing us again to cluttering.

Let the light in

You will never see a truly sophisticated home with a shortage of natural light. Sunlight emphasizes the most beautiful features of any room, making the colors seem more natural and the shapes more smooth and subtle. Natural shades give a special sophisticated touch, since they make the atmosphere of the room seem more relaxing and comfortable.

As for the evening, you can create a sensual elegance by placing little pockets of light in the focal areas of the room. Scented candles are a great way to do this, because they have a dim-lighted shine that creates a cozy atmosphere, plus you have a pleasant scent to complete this scene with. So, make sure you stack your home with candle supplies to make every evening in your household an experience that counts.

Natural elements

A sophisticated home always needs a touch of nature to make it seem less fabricated and stiff. Household plants are a truly recommended way to bring the outside in and make the air in your home fresher. There are several kinds of easy-to-grow plants that you can take care of without putting in too much effort, but are fairly persistent and strong.

You should also think about investing in natural furniture with elements of linen, for example. By combining several of these pieces, you are bound to nail the modern boho elegance that brings every room to life. With a Turkish rug to break the natural color palette, you will surely have a stand-out, modern, yet sophisticated room.

In order to get the most out of this look, we strongly recommend avoiding eclecticism. Mixing styles can be fun, but the mismatched theme doesn’t go well with elegance. Instead, you should go for the “overall” theme and incorporate new details of the same color, texture or print. This way, you will be one step away from a messy looking environment and one step closer to the most sophisticated version of your home.

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