Selecting the Right Kind of Paint For Your Renovation

Not all paint is the same. If you are looking to redecorate your home with some fresh coats of paint, then it important to understand what you are buying. If you are looking for paint that will stand up to the demands of children and pets then you will need a specific type of paint that can take the abuse while still looking beautiful in your home.

Not All Paints Are the Same Quality

When it comes to paint, usually the paints that are more expensive are better quality paints. The reason is that a paint that is good quality will have a better resin and titanium oxide. The paint will also have less water than cheaper brands. This means that the colour will go on thicker and provide you with a painted surface that is more durable. High quality paints also last longer than cheaper paints.

Types of Paint

Paints typically come in two varieties which are water borne, also known as latex, and oil based. Oil-based paint is typically known for its durability, however changes in the technology for creating water-borne paint has made it almost as durable as oil paint. Since oil paint can be difficult to apply and potentially hazardous to the environment.

Shine or No Shine

When it comes to shine, paints that have a bit of a sheen will be easier to clean. However, you need to take care with the colour to make sure that the finished look doesn't turn out to be too shiny. You should opt for neutral colours to hide the shine. If you are refinishing a surface that is uneven or has other imperfections, don't select a high shine paint because these issues will show.


When it comes to colours, you are free to select any one that you’d like. The only important thing that you should do is to make sure that if you choose lighter colours that you can protect the wall from getting damaged. Lighter colours are more likely to show dirt and fingerprints which can make the surface look dirty over time. Opt for a darker colour if cleaning may be an issue.

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If you need assistance with selecting paint for your home, consider hiring a professional painting contractor. You can request your free quotes here.

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