Selecting a Wall to Use as a Feature Wall

If you have decided that you would like to add a feature wall to your room, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best wall to use. When you add a feature wall to your room, it will likely become the focal point, or a part of the focal point, of the room. Therefore, you should make sure that you make the right decision as it could be a costly mistake to try to fix. Here are some simple rules on how to select the wall to use as a feature wall in your home.

Choose the Strongest Wall in the Room

When you walk into your room, is there a wall that just naturally stands out to you? If so, this is the wall that should serve as the feature wall of the room. This wall is already the focal point of the room. Therefore, developing the wall as a feature wall will only improve the aesthetics of the room.

Skip Doors or Windows

One rule of designating a feature wall for a room is that you must absolutely not select a feature wall that has doors or windows. This is an absolute rule not to break because the feature wall will end up looking as if the design is simply blocking the window or door. You need to have a solid wall to work with in order to get the full effect of a feature wall.

Using Feature Walls in the Bedroom

While feature walls are often used in the living room or study, a feature wall can also be used for a bedroom. The feature wall in the bedroom can serve as the headboard for the bed. Another option is the use the feature wall as a gallery to display art work. Either of these options can help greatly to bring out the unique nature of the bedroom.

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