Rooftop Retreat: Creating A High Altitude Garden Retreat


There's nothing quite like having a garden where you can relax and have conversation with your family or friends. But, what if a relaxing oasis in the yard is not possible? Is there any other way you can enjoy a private space at the comfort of your own home? The answer to these questions is a resounding Yes! Just look up and your rooftop is probably just waiting for you to transform it into a valuable living space outdoors.

A rooftop patio or garden offers you the opportunity to have a soothing respite in a compact space. However, when designing one for your own, the first step that you need to take is to consult with a structural engineer who can carry out an inspection and give you recommendations on what you can and cannot do when designing your own rooftop patio or garden. Why is this necessary? You have to understand that everything you are about to integrate on your roof will add weight to the whole structure, which it may or may not be capable of holding. Seeking professional help will also ensure that you meet building codes.

For safety purposes, you want to make a rooftop retreat without all the weight. Below are some useful tips you can follow to make a safe rooftop patio that is all your own.

Go lightweight

When picking furniture for your rooftop, it is in your best interest to opt for lightweight furnishings. You can check the latest deals on Toolsradar for furniture. At the most, you would want to go for items that are either made from cast aluminum or plastic. The latter option is probably better since it is more lightweight and will stand in a wide variety of outdoor elements. To protect your furniture from direct sunlight and provide you a good amount of shade while entertaining guests on the rooftop, you may simply add a retractable awning.

Create a sense of intimacy with a rug

Try to soften the hard-surface flooring of your rooftop patio by placing an outdoor area rug. There's a wide variety of all-weather rugs in the market today that are not only aesthetically please but are also heavy-duty enabling them to withstand different outdoor elements. Choose a color that will complement your furniture.

Bring the greens and blooms

The addition of plants and flowers will definitely make your rooftop retreat all the more inviting and comfortable. However, if concrete pots are heavy enough to place on the roof, you may choose to grow your plants and flowers in plastic or foam containers. Simply fill them with lightweight potting soil, which will not add too much weight in the containers. Then, place them on the rooftop according to your preferred arrangement. To ensure that your potted plants and flowers will drain well, set them about two inches away from the floor.

Block out unwanted sounds with a water feature

Since you won't be able to incorporate a large water feature into your rooftop, you may simply settle with two tabletop water fountains. A water feature can help tone down surrounding sounds, especially if you are living in an urban area and will also lend a calming mood to your rooftop haven.

Add a pop of color and light

Of course, if you intend to entertain guests on your rooftop retreat you don't want to bring them in a boring space. So to add coziness and at the same time a pop of color to your outdoor haven, simply throw in some colorful pillows on the seats and make a centerpiece by arranging candles of different sizes. A great alternative for candles would be a set of colored vases or a bowl of fruits. To ensure that you will be able to welcome guests at night to watch the stars above, integrate some lights on your roof posts.

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