Roof Leak Causes and Solutions

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Roof leaks can cause major problems for homeowners as they can bring rainwater inside the house each time it rains. Over time the leaking water can result in major problems such as water damage, mould and more. If you are wondering what causes roof leaks and how you can prevent them, here are a few symptoms that you should watch out for.

Roof Leak Causes

Roof leaks are often caused by sudden weather conditions. A heavy downpour of rain can allow water to seep into your home. If you have a problem with insects, these pests could actually be creating holes in our roof. Finally, hot weather is also a major cause of roof leaks because it can cause the roof to expand which creates cracks in the roof. If you suspect that you have a roof leak but these reasons are not the cause of the leak, there are a few things that you should check. 

Make sure that the roof does not have any cracks. Damage during a storm may have gone unnoticed and resulted in the roof leak that you are currently experiencing. Look at the ceiling. If you see any changes in the ceiling, this may indicate that there is a major problem with your roof. Finally, look at the roof from far away to see if you notice anything amiss.

Hire a Contractor

Hiring a professional roofing contractor to diagnose and repair a leak is probably the best option. Roofing work can be extremely dangerous and should generally be done by a professional. In addition, you don't want to risk further damage to the roof during your investigation process.

How to Avoid Roof Leaks

In many cases, roof leaks can be avoided altogether. If you continuously have problems with water leaking into your home, consider putting leaves up on the roof or calling a waterproofing contractor to seal your room. 

If there are pests that are attacking your home, calling an exterminator or animal control expert is highly recommended. By dealing with the problem as quickly as possible, you can avoid experiencing major structural damage to your roof that could result in the roof becoming permanently damaged.

If you are experiencing cracks on your roof, there is really no other option than to replace the damaged tiles with new ones. By hiring an experienced roofing contractor, you can figure out exactly what needs to be repaired and you will be assured that it is done to professional standards.


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