Renovations That Give A Great Return On Your Investment

Renovating different parts of the house can increase property value, as well as making the house nicer to live in. Renovations such as custom kitchens in Perth and new roofing need to be considered. Some renovations take more time and money than others, so make sure to budget properly before making any repairs or alterations to the house. Renovations which are rushed due to lack of time or money can lower the market value of a home.

Refit The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. This is one of the key rooms which will convince buyers to part with their cash. A cramped and gloomy kitchen with barely any space to prepare meals inside can damage the value of a house. Custom kitchens by Australian Kitchens Perth are a great return on investment. Install new cupboards and worktops for more space. If the cooker is not in full working order, replace it with a new oven.

Put Down Garden Decking

The size and presentation of the garden is another key area when it comes to increasing resale value. Decking can be installed cheaply and is a good way to transform the garden without having to do extensive work such as having a pond installed. Decking or a patio will make the garden look instantly more appealing to potential buyers.

Install A New Front Door

Installing a new front door is a great return on investment because it will instantly increase the curb-appeal of any home by making the exterior of the house look enticing to passersby. A new front door also helps to make a house more energy-efficient, which is an attractive proposition to potential buyers. 

Fix The Roof

Fixing the roof is possibly the best way of adding value to a house. A damaged or dilapidated roof can lower the value of a house because of problems caused by rainwater leaking in and affecting support beams or electrical wiring.

A new roof helps to give homeowners peace of mind that the house won’t be affected by rot and water-damage in the future.

These problems can be off-putting for potential buyers, as they can be costly to fix. To avoid deterring anyone thinking of buying the house, make sure that any roof problems are fixed as soon as they appear. Loose or damaged tiles should be replaced, and cracked guttering should be repaired as well.

Add A Conservatory

Installing a conservatory adds value to a house because it creates another room which can be valued and added to the total cost of the house.

Make sure that the conservatory lets in as much light as possible and has enough room for plenty of furniture. A conservatory will be attractive to older house-hunters, who may find it too hot to sit out in the garden when summer temperatures start to climb higher.

Follow this simple guide to create a worthwhile return on investment through renovations.


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