Renovation of an Office Space in Singapore

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Your office space needs to be revamped ever so often to ensure that it always inspires the people working for you. Revitalizing and refreshing the space has a myriad of advantages. Firstly, it enhances productivity, secondly, will have a pretty shocking change to the way the people work in your office and thirdly, it will significantly boost confidence in your workplace. However, with all these advantages, doing something like this definitely has a cost related to it and these costs are not small. Before going through with it, you should ask yourself: how much should I spend?

The answer is not as clear as you may think. You would have to calculate the quality per square foot, how much the developers and materials would cost and what kind of upgrade do you want. This way, you will have an idea of potentially how much your office redesign would cost and to find an appropriate budget for your project.

Per Square Foot:

The livelihood of the improvement realm is estimated per square foot. You will need to look at cabinet installment and storage space, building drywall partitions, wall paintings, electrical wiring and essentially increasing the length of your office. You will need to prioritise the redesigns you desire the most and need to modify your financial plan accordingly or choose to revamp for much less.

How much contractors cost:

There will be many people involved in your redesign so it is important to work with an office renovation contractor and renovators about the overhaul of your office. Do not attempt to do-it-yourself.

Materials needed:

The choice of materials used is important. The prices will change depending on quality and there are many ways to increase or decrease the amount of money you spend on this. From drywalls to their protection to decking etc. You need to decide which material you need and which you can live without so that the appearance of your office interiors is not ruined. There are certain things which will not change. For example, a drywall will always be the same.


There needs to be a solid working relationship with your foremen so that client correspondence and any additional information you need can be provided to you to ensure work in an ethically and cost positive environment. This should be an energising adventure for you to be able to work with your builders together. Hire an accomplished contractor to allow for a smooth office redesign.




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