Renovating Your Home for a More Modern Look


Living in a restful-seeming, well-decorated space can increase productivity when at work, and relaxation during leisure. The way you keep your stuff and maintain your home actually says a lot about you. Adding some tasteful touches to the necessities can surely amp up your place and give it a more inviting vibe.

Instead of paying hefty amounts to professional designers to dramatically modernize your home, you yourself can achieve a modernized interior through a few simple steps. A bunch of tweaks here and there can go a long way in renovating your home.

Lighten and Brighten

Removing unnecessarily bright lighting in rooms that are used for relaxation and leisure is just as important as adding brightness to study room and kitchen. Moreover, modern lighting with LEDs is as cost-effective and energy-saving as it looks great.

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Also add fancier lights to dining rooms, colorful hues in bedrooms and fairy lights over plants to make your home look lively and modern.

Another thing to consider here is the color of your walls. Color up a single wall in a darker, bolder color for a modern, vibrant effect. Alternately, paint all other walls in light, bright hues of any pastel color that goes with your furniture.

Organize and Declutter

While you’re modifying different aspects of your home as part of redecorating, there is one important question you need to ask yourself – is your stuff organized right?

Cluttered spaces with an excess of items in full view can be headache-inducing instead of inviting. Throw away unnecessary items, store away stuff you don’t need on regular basis, and arrange other items neatly where they belong. Even designer homes lose their beauty when the things inside them are not well-organized.

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Alternately, if you think you have an extra shelf or a bulky piece of furniture that is just using up space instead of serving any special purpose, you better get rid of it – modern homes are spacious! To add an illusion of space, you can place a large mirror on a wall, which is a classic designer’s trick when dealing with small rooms.

Display Decorative Himalayan Salt Lamps

This option is great if you want an exquisite-looking decorative item on display in your home. Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of pure Himalayan Salt crystals that are hand-mined from ancient sea salt deposits in Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan. This salt is known for its potential of having a plethora of benefits for health and wellness. Himalayan Salt Lamps are basically either carved blocks of the salt fitted with an electric bulb, or any container with a bulb and Himalayan Salt crystals.

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These salt lamps are said to release negative ions which are also called ’vitamins of the air’ due to their healing properties. These negative ions are said to purify the air by removing dust and dander and combat harmful positive ions (electronic smog) in the atmosphere. They may also provide relief in conditions like asthma, allergies, respiratory disorders, headaches, anxiety, SAD, and insomnia etc.

The warm orange-pink hues of Himalayan Salt Lamps certainly make them unique decorative items with an added bonus of health benefits. These can look great in any room – on the bedside table in your bedroom, as a mantelpiece display in your living room, or as a welcoming ornament near the entrance.


Free space is indeed essential for a modern-looking interior, but there’s even a limit to minimalism! You need to accessorize with some elements of surprise to give your rooms a perfectly finished look.

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Do it by adding accessories that won’t take up more floor space – for example, add printed cushions over a plain couch, or plain bright cushions over a patterned one. Place the center table over a brightly colored furry rug, or arrange small indoor potted plants under a transparent glass table. Showcase a few picture frames of yourself or some landscapes, hang art on walls, or be even more creative by unconventional wall hangings such as a display of plates with corresponding patterns.

Add attractive centerpieces to tables, like trays, decorative bowls with potpourri, flower vases, or decorative baskets.

Enrich with Texture

Modernize your home’s interior by incorporating different textures in your items of use. Using upholstery made of a variety of textured fabrics such as silk, mohair, leather, and cotton can be pleasing to the eyes. Add a macrame wall hanging or some printed georgette curtains around a window. Another way to add texture is on the walls, in the form of an embossed paint job, or airbrushed paint style.

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Now you know, interior decorating and renovation are not as complicated as it seems. You only need to have a good sense of style to avoid any disastrous results of clashing patterns or ugly paint shades! Otherwise, you’re good to go.

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