Reno Costs in Singapore: How Much You Can Expect to Spend

If you are considering a home renovation, it makes good sense to have an idea of what you can expect to spend on the job. This can help you plan your budget better. If you are a new homeowner or are going to be doing a renovation for the first time, estimating your costs is extremely important so that you don't go into debt while updating your home. Here is a basic estimate of what you can expect to spend for typical home renovations in Singapore. 

Removing Walls 
If you are considering removing a wall to make a room larger or to replace the walls with different style materials, you can expect to pay roughly $400 to $900 for a single wall. This figure is based on where the wall is located in a HDB flat. However, the costs will vary somewhat depending on how thick the wall is and how large the space is.
Installing New Flooring 

Flooring estimates can be tricky because of the fact that there are simply so many options for new flooring. If you are considering switching out the old tiles for new ones, new floor tiles for an entire room will likely cost around $7,000 to $9,000 depending on the size of the floor, the tiles you select and the amount of labour that is required in order to install the tiles. The workers may also need to reinforce the floor under the tiles before installing them, which can result in additional charges.



Carpentry and Storage 

If you are doing a renovation in order to increase the amount of storage space that your home has, these changes can cost upwards of $9,000 depending on the size of your space. If you are considering adding in built-in wardrobes or other types of built-in storage, you can expect to spend even more as these items will need to be custom fitted to the space. 

Get Some Quotes

If you want a more accurate estimate on exactly how much everything would cost for your home renovations, then you should request quotes from reputable home contractors. Make sure that you check with more than one so that you can see what options are actually available and also so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal.






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