Remodeling Trends You Can Expect to See in 2017


The past year was all about open floor plans, white kitchens, and quaint eclectic or farmhouse touches. But 2017 home remodeling trends are shaping up to be even fresher than the gorgeous looks we loved in 2016. We’ll see precise lines, functionality, elegance, space, and natural touches. Home Improvement Leads shares the trends that are rising to power.


Hidden Kitchen Appliances and Clean Lines

Stainless steel appliances have had a recent heyday during the white and gray kitchen era, but this year we’ll lean more toward hidden appliances tucked away in sleek cabinets with minimalistic hardware or no hardware at all.


Eco-Friendly Flooring

Bamboo and cork flooring are both sustainable alternatives to carpet, engineered hardwood, and tile. Hardwood can be eco-friendly if it’s sustainably sourced and not coated with toxic chemicals, but supplies of bamboo and cork replenish themselves rapidly and harvesting them causes less harm to their surrounding environments. Additionally, each are beautiful and durable. Cork is special in that it provides a slight cushion underfoot while still holding up to wear and tear.


Cozy Workspaces

Even if you don’t work remotely, a home workspace is all but essential. Even if you don’t have an entire room to convert into an office, it’s easy to find a cozy daylit corner to call your own. Whether you’re writing, reading, working, or helping the kids with homework, a functional little nook or simple desk is the perfect solution.

Earthy Textures

Bringing nature indoors doesn’t have to be as literal as planting a kitchen herb garden. Earthy textures, wood furnishings, and a brown and neutral palette can be as refreshing as a walk in the woods.


Energy Efficient Windows

When you think of energy efficiency, your first thought may be insulation, new appliances, and bumping the thermostat up or down a few degrees to save money on your bills. But windows play a vital role in energy efficiency. Inefficient windows allow heat to transfer indoors during summer and the warmth to escape your home during winter. That means your HVAC system has to work harder, which costs you more money. But energy efficient windows stop heat transfer while still allowing plenty of daylight into your home.


Unique Light Fixtures

When you have flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances to think about, light fixtures can go under the radar. But putting a little thought into your fixtures can turn them into unique statement pieces that change the atmosphere of an entire room.


Smart Home Tech

Smart home tech isn’t just luxurious—it’s smart. It can meticulously manage your energy usage so you don’t have to. With the press of a button, it can prepare your house for your absence. As smart home apps and networks become more and more sophisticated, you’re going to see it integrated into new homes and remodels. With new advances like these, there’s no doubt that 2017 will be an iconic year for home design.


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