Refresh Your Bathroom With These Great Design Ideas


An early morning shower in a beautiful bathroom is a great way to start the day, as well as it is a sight for sore eyes after a long day at work. If complete makeover is too big of an expense, know that there are ways to make your bathroom gorgeous with just a few changes here and there. Small spaces, like bathrooms, usually benefit from the smallest updates that instantly change the overall look of the room. Since everybody deserves pleasant me-time in a fabulous interior, here are some clever design ideas that will turn your dull bathroom into your new retreat.

First things first

Before rushing in the bathroom with a bucket of paint and new towels, make sure to get rid of some things first. Like in any other home, it is most likely that your bathroom is full of hideous and outdated fixtures that sit there for at least two decades. Although items like old towel stands and toothbrush holders serve their purpose, they hardly contribute to the overall aesthetic. Most bathrooms have old and unused things like bath caddy or freestanding cabinet you haven’t opened in months. Make room for changes and reduce the number of unused things. Not only that your bathroom will appear more spacious, but it will be easier for you to get a clearer picture of your future bathroom.

Reduce visual clutter

Our bathrooms are full of things and products that we use daily, but it always seems to look messy, regardless of how neatly arranged they are on a vanity top or along the shower. They are sitting there for a practical reason, but there are simply too much of it. Soaps, toothbrushes, shavers, shampoo bottles, hair products, blow dryer and the list goes on. Find a small cupboard to store things away, and notice how your bathroom instantly looks better and cleaner. Perhaps you’ve noticed that all those magnificent bathrooms pictures on the internet have something in common. No shampoos, no shower gels. No clutter.

Experiment with bathroom furniture

Your bathroom can look any way you want to. It seems that we allow ourselves the freedom to try out new things more in our living rooms than in our bathrooms. Although it is a small place of privacy and hygiene, bathrooms can also be a room where you can express your creativity and add a personal stamp. There is no need for bathroom furniture to be so different than the one in your home. Match, or expand your style and throw in some pieces like a repurposed cupboard for storage, or vintage cabinet as a vanity. Only, keep in mind that moist can damage furniture, so make sure to apply a coat of waterproof paint. Mixed styles and eclectic interiors are taking over the world, and this particular style is quite popular in Europe and the US.

Think twice about the color palette

When we want to change the look of something, the first thing that comes to mind is to repaint. Colors are a powerful aspect of any design since they are effective on a psychological level as they create a unique atmosphere in any room. That is why it is important to plan the color palette since bathrooms, due to their relatively small size, do not allow mistakes. It is best to play safe and to go with neutral colors to create a base theme, from where you can set the course for further decoration. Neutral tones will make your bathroom a place where you feel calm and at ease. Keep in mind that color white is a common choice for bathrooms for a reason. However, if you crave for a splash of bright color, save it for a piece of bathroom furniture, or include a colorful accessory.

Establish dominant style by adding specific elements

Not every piece of your bathroom needs to belong to a certain style to achieve consistency. For example, mounting two mirrors with frames that match white cabinetry will make your bathroom resemble trendy Hamptons style. If you are more into the minimalist concept which is tremendously popular in Australia, look for simple, sleek and functional pieces. Most homeowners who decide to invest in quality interior fitout in Sydney prefer the minimalist design in their bathrooms as well as the use of simple materials like wood and concrete. A brick wall, vintage hardware, and Edison light bulbs as lighting will instantly turn your bathroom into Industrial style spa.

Choose interesting lighting

In every bathroom, good lighting is a must. Choose lighting options that can create bright light and make your bathroom shine. Also, an interesting lighting fixture can be a statement piece as well as a focal point in the room. Whether it is minimalist designer’s lamps, lighted mirrors or old-fashioned small chandelier with crystal drops, make it match well with the rest of the bathroom. Create great effect with layers of light coming from a different light source, like a combination of the chandelier on the ceiling and vanity lights.


The bathroom makeover happens less frequently than in other rooms in the house. For some reason, we find it easier to replace a sofa or bookshelves in our home to achieve a certain look than to refresh our bathrooms with a few simple details. Fortunately, clever design ideas can make much difference in any room, including the bathroom.

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