Read This Guide Before You Build Your Deck


If you are considering building a deck on your property, before you get caught up with all the designing and building, read this comprehensive guide so you know you are not going in blind and know exactly how to get your dream structure in your yard.

Covering the Bases

From the job specifics such as contractors and climate to the lifestyle factors such as size, durability and how durable you need your deck to be, it is important to understand that before anything happens, you need to have a rough idea of your budget. This is one of the major components that will determine so much of how the deck is built, to what materials are used and the overall design.

How Will it Be Used?

Knowing the function of the proposed deck will help decide on how it needs to be reinforced along with certain design elements that will need to be factored in. Are you planning to entertain, whether it be friends or family? 

Then having adequate space for a table and chairs, along with room for a preparation station and barbeque will need to be allowed for. Are you just planning to relax and sit out? 

It may mean that it does not need to be so big, but where it is located may be a consideration, especially if you want a particular view of the garden. Knowing its function will help you and experts if hiring them, design the best deck for your needs.

Give it a Test

Mark out your proposed deck and visualise just how it is going to work. This will give you a good indication on if the size and positioning is right, so when it comes to being built, you will not be disappointed with the final product.

It’s All About the Materials

This is where some of the biggest costs will come from, the materials. Whether you decide to go with timber, composite decking or any other material, it will have an overall impact on how much your deck will cost. Investing in quality materials that suit your deck’s function will ensure that you do not have to spend money on the damage that is a direct result of not choosing good quality or the right materials for your deck. 

For example, if you plan to have a spa or anything involving water on the deck or you live in a wet climate, then timber is going to be an expensive choice down the track as it is not as durable and as water-resistant as a material like composite decking. Consider talking to an expert who can help with the right materials for your deck’s purpose. 

Design Points

Once you have the materials decided, along with the size and function, then all of those intricate parts of the design can be worked out. Design ideas like the pattern of the floor and if using timber, what kind of stain do you want and finishing touches need to be applied, among other design factors. All these points need to be considered when putting together the final design, so you understand the process, the materials needed and the overall intricacy of the job.

Structural Factors

While designing the deck can be fun, there are a few structural factors that must be considered in the design process. Other than making sure that the structure is not overloaded, and the ledger is safe and sound, there are other factors to consider. Do you need stairs and railing? What kind of pillars will be used to hold up the structure? Drainage is another part of the structure that also must be considered, as if the water is not able to drain correctly it can lead to water damage and even bacteria, compromising the deck’s structural integrity. 

If you are considering building a deck if you are struggling with any of these points, then talking to an expert is probably the best bet. Specialists will be able to factor in your wants and needs while considering your budget. 

They can dot the I’s and cross the t’s, so you do not have to worry about missing any finer details. Remaining educated about the process will help you make the most informed decisions, as you are the one signing off on the building of the deck at the end of the day and the one who has to live with it. 

If built well, a deck can last for the duration in which you are living in your home, possibly longer than a lifetime, so if you are making the investment in a new deck ensure that you are getting the best deck you possibly can. 

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