Overcoming Obstacles: Things to Do Before You Move into a New Home


Overwhelmed by the moving process, you can easily forget to change the address or pack something that you need for your first night at your new home. Thus, it’s important that you remain calm and organised during the entire moving process. And you might find creating a list of all the things you need to do before moving into your new home extremely helpful.

Connect the utilities

Connecting the utilities in your new home is one of the obvious and necessary items on your to-do list. You don’t want to finally move in only to realise that there’s no electricity. However, make sure to check whether your current providers offer their service in your new neighbourhood. If not, you’ll need to find new providers, so make sure to deal with this as soon as possible.

Change the old locks

Another important item on the list is changing the locks on your exterior doors. You can never know who actually has the keys, so this simple update will improve the security of your new home. You should take this opportunity to install additional safety locks, such as deadbolts. Furthermore, make sure to make some spare keys just in case.

Repaint the walls

Applying a coat of paint will give your new home a fresh look. This is particularly important if there were some previous tenants who didn’t paint the interior before moving out. Not only will you introduce a sense of novelty to your home, but you can also experiment with different colour schemes. However, make sure to do this as early as possible in order for your rooms to air out. Another possible solution is going with healthy, green paint that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, but keep in mind that it might be more expensive.

Check the plumbing system

Although you’ve probably had an inspector check the plumbing system in your new home, it’s advisable that you check it again just in case. This way, you’ll be able to remove any hidden leaks or fix certain issues. Furthermore, if you notice that the pipes are damaged or cracked, you should hire an experienced plumber who can implement adequate pipe relining solutions to prevent a more serious damage from occurring. However, make sure to hire a reliable and highly trained plumber who has experience with similar issues.

Perform an electricity audit

Similarly, you should check whether there’s a proper electrical connection in your new home. Certain electrical issues, such as outdated wiring or short circuit, may be serious safety hazards as they can cause house fires. If necessary, don’t hesitate to invest in upgrading your electrical sockets, switches or the fuse box – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Update your personal information

Before moving into your new home, you also need to update your personal information and notify relevant institutions, such as your bank, post office and others. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with annoying situations, such as your mail being delivered to your old address. In addition, you should also inform your friends and family about your move and forward them your new address.

Hire a cleaning crew

You need to clean your new home from top to bottom, paying special attention to not easily reachable areas, carpets, area rugs, mattresses, etc. This will make sure that your new home is completely clean, toxin- and allergen-free. However, if you don’t have the time or the necessary products to deal with this issue, you should hire a professional cleaning crew. They will make sure that your home is spotless.

Pack up a box of essentials

To make your life and the first night at your home easier, you should pack up a box of essentials that you’ll need as soon as you move in. This box should contain your toiletries, clean clothes, pyjamas, clean towels and other items that you may need during the first night. This way, you won’t have to spend hours unpacking your boxes just to find your toothbrush.

Creating a moving to-do list will keep you organised and efficient during this stressful period. And after you get everything ready, you can simply unwind and enjoy your new home.

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