Moving In Together: 6 Efficient Space Tips


Almost everyone interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with a committed partner will have to undergo a particularly challenging trial at one point or another: cohabitation. Moving in with your significant other can sometimes make or break the relationship, depending on how you approach it, as you’ll both likely be trying to figure out how to accommodate all of your stuff in a single location. Don’t let poor planning be your downfall. Check out some of these efficient space saving tips from unique team of Dallas apartment locators to make sure you’re able to get all your possessions fitting comfortably in one abode.


Tip #1: Start With An Inventory

Since you’re moving in together, there’s inevitably going to be a few things that you both own, but you only need one of to go in your shared space. To avoid a situation where you’re seeing double, be sure to take stock of everything that you and your significant other have with a thorough inventory. This is a scenario where the benefits of a Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry or similar gift list come into play, as you’ve already got a list of what you have written out -- at least, in part.

Tip #2: Prioritize Functionality

A good thing to keep in mind is that you can save on space if you try to go with items that are multi-functional. Furniture is a great place to implement this idea and there’s no shortage of items that would benefit from the multi-purpose treatment. A few examples come to us, with some particularly noteworthy pieces like the stacking tables and nesting bookcase proving strong options for smaller apartment spaces. Of course, there are always DIY options if you prefer to tackle the task yourself, just remember that they key is making things more efficient.

Tip #3: Maximize Those Closets

Part of optimizing the space you have available, especially in smaller dwellings, is making good use of closets to keep things out of your main areas. Of course, that means becoming an expert in cramming the closet to the max, but that’s something you can easily master, provided you’re willing to take the time to do so. You might get few suggestions in apartment therapy, that is, how you can get your closets organized the right way, after which you’ll have plenty more space in your living areas to do with as you please.

Tip #4: Keep The Kitchen Tidy By Keeping Appliances Under Control

Kitchen clutter is a big-time space thief, and can be curtailed by limiting the number of appliances you’re using for your cooking adventures. Do you really need the KitchenAid mixer, the blender, the toaster oven, and juicer out on the counter all at the same time? Beyond that, though, there are some practical tips you and your significant other can employ to keep your kitchen from getting to crowded once you move in together, many of which center around decreasing the total number of things you have in the kitchen, or replacing single-purpose items with dual or multi-use ones.

Tip #5: Give Similar Attention To The Bathroom

It’s easy for the bathroom to become a disaster zone once you both move in together unless you exercise a measure of forethought. If you are both moving into a home with only one bathroom, it becomes doubly essential to capitalize on storage to maximize your free room. Keep things stored in bathroom cabinets whenever possible, use the space beneath the bathroom sink liberally, add storage to the sink, and share whatever you can to help cut back on the amount of things you need to keep in the bathroom overall.

Tip #6: Ditch What You Don’t Need

We mentioned making an inventory at the beginning of this list. When you realize you have things in your possession that won’t be necessary for your new life with your new partner, it’s time to get rid of them. For things that you feel bad tossing, put them to good use by either selling them off or giving them away to charity. You might not realize it, but there are places where you can donate just about any kind of junk you’ve got lying around, as evidenced by this list from Apartment Therapy. Once you’ve gone minimalist and chucked a good portion of that extra stuff, you should be all set to set up in your new spot with plenty of extra space for the things you truly need.

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