Most Popular Patio Designs


A home’s garden provides the most accessible and convenient place for homeowners to relax. Most people would agree that it’s sometimes nice to turn off the TV and soak up some sun. Australia’s weather is envied by many countries around the world, and it’s the reason why activities such as surfing and bike riding are so easily enjoyed here. It’s worth investing in a garden because it provides a private outdoor utopia if styled to individual preferences.

Certain outdoor modifications can also potentially increase a property’s value markedly, and one way that might be achieved is by having a patio installed. Patios are generally the most visually striking aspect of a garden, and they provide a comfortable area to relax as well as eat and drink if accessorised with a dining suite. But designing patios can be challenging for those without the required skill set to ensure they make efficient use of space while ensuring a great look.



Popular Designs that Never Fail to Impress

As a patio area provides a perfect seating area, many homeowners want to make sure it impresses guests and conveys an inviting and comfortable image. Additionally, a high-quality patio is likely to have the most noticeable effect on a property’s value. Here’s a list of popular patio designs that are simple yet attract a lot of attention.

  • Patios that are easy to maintain – Many homeowners here opt for quality liquid limestone in Perth by Fluid Limestone because it’s not only a high-quality and beautiful material, it’s also very durable requiring very little maintenance. People like to opt for a material that will stand the test of time to maximise the value of their property for years to come as well as minimise the cost and effort required for upkeep.
  • Simple designs – There’s an abundance of patio designers that can design and install masterpiece patios, but those on a budget may opt for simple square, rectangle or circle designs. Those designs tend to work well with any garden no matter what its current style and they’re also appealing to a huge portion of property hunters. Simple designs are also usually quicker to install, but a complex design could be the best way of making efficient use of space while maximising practicality.
  • Patios that take up a large portion of the garden – Those who opt for a garden mostly covered in lawn have to trim the grass very often to keep it looking immaculate. However, patios are easier to maintain and look luxurious, so many homeowners prefer it to use most of their garden’s space. It’s another reason why many people buy liquid limestone in Perth.

It’s worth investing into a patio because of the extra value it brings to a home and its attractive look. Buying high-quality materials means it’s largely a one-off investment, and it provides a great yard decking area where drinks and food can be shared with guests. Those who are considering investing in a patio would benefit from seeking design advice from the professionals.

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