Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Garden

The garden is part of the domestic ambience, and for Western Australians, having a functional garden area is as essential as having a kitchen. A garden make-over is something that can easily go wrong, unless one is experienced in this field, so take stock of the following hints, and perhaps the garden renovation will turn out just as one expected.

Leave the trees alone

Yes, that means do not touch them. Trees require specialist care, so call in a tree surgeon, who can advise on the best solution. One may have a small chainsaw and a ladder handy, and it might seem easy to just climb up and lop off that annoying bough that hangs across the terrace, but once up the tree, things are very different. Accidents occur when people attempt tree work at elevated heights, so let the experts deal with it. If one lives in Western Australia, click here for qualified tree services in and around the Perth area.

Lack of forethought

Designing a garden should involve planning for the future, so make sure one has a corner designated for compost, which will feed the shrubs and flowers throughout the year. This is where a landscape gardener comes in handy, as he or she will be experienced in garden design, and can usually suggest better alternatives that maximise space, and create the right ambience.

Think about upkeep

Maintenance is an integral part of any garden, and some make the mistake of neglecting that side of things when designing the layout. Trimmed lawns and well cared-for borders not only look great, they also demand a lot of one’s time. Modern, low-maintenance gardens incorporate concrete, and container gardening can drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Evergreens are in

Evergreen trees and shrubs are ideal, as they do not shed their leaves, and retain their deep colour year round. Spending an hour a day sweeping up leaves might be good exercise, but some people just don’t have the time.

Buying diseased plants

Many people mistakenly buy diseased plants, and possible the garden nursery saw a chance to get rid of them by unloading them onto an unsuspecting gardener, who wants to replant their garden. Once diseased plants take hold, other healthy plants can be affected, and this can destroy a garden within one season!

Failing to set a colour scheme

Colour in the garden is essential, but that doesn’t mean any which way is fine. When shopping for plants and flowers, don’t look at a plant and think of it individually, rather imagine it within the colour spectrum one already has. Too much colour can spoil a garden, and make it look cluttered.

Thinking one has the necessary knowledge to renovate the garden

Most people understand how important professional help is, especially with garden design and creation, and yet there are some who plough into the project without giving it sufficient thought, and more often than not, a professional landscaper must be called in.

Gardening on a large scale is best left to the experts, but if one insists on the DIY route, consider the above areas before starting the project.

Article provided by: Tree Surgeons WA

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