Making Your Home Your Office


Renting is expensive, especially in the big cities but it is often chosen over working at home for many reasons. It’s true that working at home can be a distraction and often people do not have enough space to allow for a room dedicated to office space in their home. If you’d like to turn your home into an effective office space where you focus and get lots of work done – check out our top tips!


If you work with computers or do a lot of paper work, it is important that you are willing to invest in some quality equipment for your office space. You’ll need a computer or a dedicated laptop that you won’t get distracted on. Treating this computer as you would if you were in a real office can help you to stay focused and ensure you don’t end up scrolling through Facebook for hours. If you can afford it, invest in a printer and any other pieces of technology you need. If you have everything at your disposal, its more likely that you will treat this space as if it were a real office.

Pick the Right Spot

If you have a spare room that you could use for your office space, great! Otherwise you might need to think outside of the box to find somewhere to get your work done. One option that can work well is to build yourself a garage or an outdoor office. This is not as hard as it sounds, and steel buildings can be custom made and the parts delivered by industry professionals like Armstrong Steel (they have a ‘Price Your Building’ section on their site that you could test to give you an idea of costs).  Although you’ll need to pay at first to get the parts, the overall cost will outweigh the cost of renting an office building. With an outside building you can also avoid distractions like family members, pets or TV!

Furniture and Lighting

When you’re creating your ideal office space, you need to make sure that you have some great furniture. Get yourself a desk and an office chair such as one of these options. You won’t get any work done if you’re sitting on that old sofa that’s been in the spare room for all these years.

Lighting is also very important – you need it to be bright to create the classic office atmosphere. Dark walls and low lighting will only make you tired and will reduce your productivity. Make sure that you choose the best lighting so that the whole room is covered, not just lit up by a small lamp on your desk.


If you are going to get any work done in this office space, you need to get rid of any distractions. Spare rooms often come with a lot of junk so if you are using that space then you need to get rid of everything not office related in it. You can’t have that spare TV sitting beside you or photo albums and old things that will have you distracted for hours!

Start planning today and save yourself some money on renting an office space now!

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