Make the Most Out of Your Living Room Space


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The living room is the most used part of your home as well as the most public one, as it is the primary place for entertaining. Because it is a room with many functions, creating its most optimal design is a challenge, but not an impossible one. The key is to create more room, visually and physically, by choosing the right paint, furniture and decoration. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make the most out of your living room and simultaneously make it both comfortable and inviting.

​1. Choose multifunctional

As your living room has to accommodate for different purposes so your furniture has to respond to those needs. In order to avoid clutter, you should choose pieces which are multifunctional.

If your living room is a place in which you like to put your feet up but also have your friends over, then you need a comfy couch and some armchairs as well. Don’t choose pieces simply because they look good, they have to be useful too.

​2. Clear up and store

In addition to choosing multipurpose pieces of furniture, you should clear out your living room from all things which don’t serve a purpose.

We all love to leave stuff around, especially in the living room, so there should always be some space for putting them away. Chests and ottomans can provide for much-needed storage space and they can be used for sitting as well.

Arrange your bookshelf or TV stand so as to make it an art piece. You can color-code your books, stack them according to height or place some of them vertically and some horizontally. Add only a few figurines or pictures, so as to prevent clutter and give it a finished look. Another interesting idea is to color a part of your bookcase into a color present in your room so as to tie the whole room together.

​3. Illusion of colors

Colors are a great and easy way to change the feeling in your living room. If you need to enlarge the space, white or some lighter tones can be a great way to give the illusion of space.

However, if you prefer to make your living room cozy, darker tones are the way to go, except in the case when your living room area is somewhat smaller. Dark colors are tricky so they are best when combined with white or light edges.

Another stylish possibility is painting all walls white and opting out one section to paint in a darker or bolder color, like red. Something similar can be done by replacing a colored wall section with an interesting pattern. This could give a dose of elegance to your entertainment area.

​4. Play with the light

Open up those windows and let the light reflect around the room. Lighter paint tones and strategically placed mirrors will light up your living room and make it airy and inviting. Use table lamps, floor lamps or chandeliers to provide for light at night as well.

Experts from Marchants Blinds suggest framing your windows with curtains or even putting up awnings, both for the esthetic and practical reasons.

​5. Go vertical

You can only use space horizontally to a point before it becomes a bit too much. Then it is time to go vertical. Use your walls to hang mirrors, for the illusion of additional space, art pieces and pictures, for the feeling of elegance and hominess. If the space allows it you can even squeeze in a shelf or two which can be decorative but also practical.


All in all, use colors and light to your advantage, to give your living room more space. Choose furniture which can be used for more than one purpose, primarily sitting and storage. Living rooms should be functional but more importantly they should possess charm and comfort. By choosing the right pieces and colors, you can do more than just create a good design, you can build on the right atmosphere all on your own.


Bio: David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.

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