Lighting Up Your Interior with Mirrors


"Mirrors make us see virtual objects that exist in a virtual world; they are windows onto this world. On the one hand we trust what we see, but on the other hand this is a world that we know has no physical existence. This is one of the reasons why throughout history people have been fascinated by mirrors." The above quote by researchers at the University of Liverpool perfectly expressed the importance of mirrors in our everyday lives. Far from being merely objects through which to see ourselves in, they are deeply symbolic and, these days, an important part of the design concept of many homes. If you love mirrors and wish to make the most of their light reflecting abilities, consider these top design ideas

Reflections of Light

Consider placing an overscale gilt mirror within the path of a light source. This will enable it to reflect light back into the space while adding a beautiful design touch. If your space is modern, a gorgeous Baroque or vintage mirror lying against the wall will add welcome contrast. You can opt for trios of mirrors instead, which will each reflect their own rays of light. Opt for antique pieces that look as beautiful in a modern as in a country-style setting.

Light and Nature

Mirrors can be used to add light to beautiful natural spaces. Many urbanites are opting for vertical gardens to bring oxygen and the calming effects of nature into their homes. A nice idea seen in designer homes involves hanging a circular mirror in the centre of a vertical wall with flowers and shrubbery. The mirror should ideally reflect another natural element standing opposite the vertical wall (for instance, a bouquet of flowers or a standing flower pot). From some angles, the vertical wall will appear like an artistic composition.

Mirrors in the Bathroom

Large standing mirrors make beautiful statement pieces, but if you have a collection of small antique hand mirrors, you can also use them to add light to smaller spaces like bathrooms. Hang various in a diamond or other shape against the wall to create art in an unexpected space. One idea that is particularly artsy involves utilising an artistic oval or other shaped mirror frame, cutting out half the mirror and filling it with artwork that mirrors the wallpaper or hand-painted décor used on your bathroom wall. This adds a blend of light and colour that will easily be one of the most beautiful spots in your home.

Mirror Panels

Mirror panels that run from one side of a kitchen countertop or bathroom are a stunning design feature for modern spaces built in materials such as shiny lacquer or marble. These mirrors work well for long, narrow spaces, adding the illusion of space and light. They are also very easy to clean and a very unique choice as a splashback in kitchens.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

They’re  back! Mirrors that take up an entire wall are a perfect addition to modern urban living rooms. Rather than comprising one piece of glass, however, these structures are made up of various ‘squares’ put together, thus adding a more youthful, modular touch. Add warmth by filling the remaining space with hanging pendant lights in bold colours, or using cushions, candles, and other décor pieces to form a contrast to the pristine perfection of mirrors.

Mirrors are practical home décor pieces that can also add light and completely change the design of your home. If you have stored vintage mirrors at home, put them to good use by placing them in spots that will reflect beautiful items in your home and share some light. From vintage to modern styles, mirrors can add a designer touch to your living spaces, showing you are confident enough to blend styles and marry influences to achieve greater artistry in select spaces.

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