Kluje.com: Platform to create Better Quality Contractors

I have got a lot of questions about how kluje.com will create "Better Quality Contractors" and I though I would explain it a bit better. 

1. It's a Web - based platform that connects the multi-sided market of Homeowners and Contractors. Simply meaning its technology based and as such depends on the users to make it as successful as possible. For best results, enter as many details into the form fields as you can and also make sure your renovation budget is appropriate. 

2. Homeowners post their "jobs to be done" on kluje.com where it will be made available to contractors to bid on the work. We do not actually do the jobs, we simply provide a way for you to reach as many contractors as possible with your offer. Once your job is in our system we will only allow three contractors to buy your lead. We do this to make sure that you are not overwhelmed with phone calls but you have enough to do an accurate comparison. 

3. After that, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to choose and vet contractors properly to ensure the best results. Due diligence is required when you are doing any renovation project, and we heartily encourage you to check all the contractors qualifications and references. Our system helps you make a better decision, based on their profile page, ratings, and the quotation process. 

4. Our rating system acts as a balance, where contractors who get bad ratings will not be getting more work from kluje.com. We actually incentive the contractors to do the best job possible thereby building their reputation and giving them a better chance to win more work. Online ratings are very powerful and because ours are only generated by homeowners who actually use kluje.com, you can be certain of their origin. 

Sounds a bit complicated, maybe, but here is the rationalisation behind it: Creating a system that rates contractors on work done for homeowners, means that everyone who uses the system benefits. But it has to be a closed loop, meaning if you post a job on kluje.com, hire one of the contractors who respond, and then rate their work, you are all creating "Better Quality Contractors". And that is what a platform does, makes it better for everyone. For more tips on finding a contractor see this article. 

In Singapore where we pay a lot for our homes, wouldn't it be good to have a little peace of mind, so at least when we renovate our dream home we are confident of making the best decision possible? Sounds good to me.

If you want to start a renovation project, go to kluje.com!

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