6 Kids Bedrooms Ideas That'll Let Them Explore Their Imagination and Creativity

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

If you want to really let your child explore its creativity and imagination, one of the first places to start is the place they sleep. Namely, the bedroom is where your child will most likely spend most of its time and will adopt many of its habits. You can be pretty certain that it will form a big part of its personality based on the room you provide it with. 

Giving your child the right environment means you give it the right tools it needs to explore its imagination and its creativity. This all sets up your child for a life of wonder, amazement, and genuine exploration.

1. Wild acrobatic fun

An interesting idea you can try out for kids that just can’t keep still is setting up your own little jungle Jim in their room. Swings, a rope they can climb, ladders, a suspended hammock – turn the entire room into their own little adventure. 

You can also use a wooden desk with a net backing as a soccer goal, or lots of pillows and bean bags that can serve as extra protection during roughhousing. You can never have too much exercise, so this kind of room can help your child get rid of any excess energy. Furthermore, it’s a perfect setup for a child’s imagination to go wild and pretend he or she is in a jungle.

2. A nice view

Imagine you had a mountain in your room? Or perhaps a waterfall, or the Milky Way? Maybe a volcano, a forest, or simply something a bit more fantastical and daring. Well, your child can imagine that rather easily, and make an entire game out of it. We suggest you lots of wallpapers and tapestries in certain patterns and styles, depicting amazing views and images.

A child’s mind knows no bounds, its imagination can run free and wild with basically zero stimulation. However, putting a fantastic image directly in your kidßs bedroom gives them a clear gateway to another world. 

3. You can never go wrong with Star Wars

Let's face it, you can never go wrong with Star Wars. It has action, adventure, space, explosions, aliens, and lightsabers! So why not incorporate it into his or her room (after they’ve seen the movies, of course). 

Get high-quality kids furniture, posters, themed blankets and decorations. Maybe take in some quoters somewhere around here, some collectables, toys, even a lightsaber stand. They can imagine they are in the movies themselves, an added character that is part of the adventure. 

4. A western theme

Let's bring the western back, and let's bring it back now! The best way to do that is to rely on the younger generations. Cultivating the love for this old-timey genre form a young age is a great way to get them into the wild frontier, the time of cowboys, saloons, deserts, and shootouts. 

Now, you can do this by simply getting some nice wallpapers, or you can go all out and get as much wood panelling in there as possible. Some nice era-appropriate accessories, like a saloon sign, a six-shooter on the wall. 

Let your kids think they live in the old days, in the time of horses and saloons, of station wagons, bandits and sheriffs, outlaws and bounty hunters.

5. Camping, indoors

Are your children into nature? Then why not bring nature indoors, just so they can enjoy it more. Set up a camp-styled room with wood and organic branches, lots of warm and natural colours, lots of brown and green and maybe a bit of grey  (for rocks and mountains). You can add to the entire feel of the place more by getting a tent over the bed, maybe even a fake campfire and logs in the middle of the room.

6. Doodling

Probably the simplest addition to the list, but also perhaps the most fun – get a board. A regular blackboard or whiteboard can be great to let your child express his or her creativity. Put it in on whichever wall you can, get your child some coloured chalk, and let him or her go crazy. 

With this kind of set up your child can have a different picture or design in his or her room whenever he or she wants. Furethorme, it all in his or her own control, teaching it a bit of autonomy and responsibility.


One of the most important things in your child’s development is strengthing its sense of imagination. Nurturing your child’s creativity means you will help preserve some of its sense of wonder and curiosity. A simple thing as creative wallpapers with fantastic landscapes, maybe some whiteboard where he or she can write and draw, or a nice star wars or western theme might be enough. A little jungle gym inside your home might be what your child needs as well. 

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