Keep Calm and Follow These Zen-Inspired Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas

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The bathroom and the kitchen are two of the areas in our home that need to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere. That’s why it’s ideal to put Zen-inspired decor to these home spaces. Zen-inspired bathrooms and kitchens are sleek and stylish and do live up to modern interior design trends.

This type of bathroom and kitchen design is all about balance and harmony. If you have these two qualities in these areas in your home, you can create an atmosphere where you can relax and have peace of mind. Without further ado, here’s a list of Zen-inspired kitchen and bathroom design ideas that you can follow for your next renovation.

Bathroom: Simplicity is Beauty

One of the most striking features of zen bathrooms is the harmonious merging of simple design elements. Simple colors, lines, and simple decors are typical in Zen-influenced bathrooms.

For instance, you can have several transparent glasses and black-and-white bathroom walls to get close to the concept of Zen interior design. It’s also an excellent idea if you add a modern freestanding tub in it and a minimalist bathroom sink. You should make sure that you have enough space in your bathroom area to accommodate these bathroom essentials.

The balanced of lines in a Zen bathroom is necessary. It’s also essential that you make the lighting simple. Don’t add too much light and, as far as possible, stick to one color of light. Don’t allow the bathroom to drown in a chaos of lights. Also, keep the design of the lighting fixtures at the minimum. Avoid choosing too ornate lighting fixture designs.

Kitchen: White and Neutral Greys

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If your goal for your kitchen verge on something that's contemporary, you can use white as the primary color along with neutral greys for that purpose. A pop of blue on the wall will also be ideal to create a refreshing vibe. The pop of blue color will make the style of your kitchen area avoid steer away becoming dull-looking.

Then you can incorporate natural elements in the design by sparing a space for some pots of green plants indoors or an outside garden that you can take a glimpse from the kitchen. The nature-inspired elements in your Zen kitchen is another way to make it more interesting than the ordinary. Green indoor plants, for instance, will make the atmosphere relaxing and will cause your mind to go into a calm mode every time you laid your eyes on them.

After all, that’s the essence of Zen: to make your mind calm and at peace for you to focus more on important things in life.

Bathroom: Add Rustic Wooden Materials

Since Zen decor elements involve natural, rustic materials, you can go for wooden furniture pieces in your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom is spacious, you can opt for a rough wooden piece as a countertop for that bathroom sink.

Wooden materials will create a warm and cool ambiance to the overall design of your bathroom. You can’t also go wrong if you add some wooden lanterns to complete the rustic vibe to the Zen-influenced space. Also, you can incorporate accessories such as uniquely-designed wooden hooks to hang your towel and stuff.

Just make sure that the wood is sanded to prevent splinters, but it’s also ideal to leave it in its original state. After all, Zen-inspired interior design finds beauty out of ordinary things.

In this type of decor scheme, you can do justice to the room if you don’t put too many contemporary elements. The wooden features can already do the work of making the space aesthetically-appealing.

Kitchen: Use Natural Light

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For a calm and relaxing atmosphere, you can replace those eye-strain-causing modern lights with natural candle lights, or you can design the kitchen in a way that allows the natural light to enter. Natural light can make your kitchen look spacious and relaxing.

You can hang light or gauzy window treatments in the kitchen to let the room be filled with natural light in the morning. This decor idea will be all the more amazing if you have a kitchen that overlooks a tree-filled surrounding. It won’t only be the morning light that would enter the room, but also the fresh air that comes from the outdoors.

For sure, in this type of kitchen, doing your kitchen tasks will be more enjoyable. Also, the kitchen won’t only function as an ordinary kitchen, but as a suitable place in your home where you can hang out, and bond with your family and have chit-chats with your guests.

Bathroom: Go Traditional

If you want to boost up the appeal of your Zen-inspired bathroom, it’s always best to go back to the traditional zen interior design. You can have natural stone flooring and large floor-to-ceiling windows for your bathroom to achieve that kind of interior design.

You can also highlight the drop-in bathtub with an overhead light that generates a warm illumination, creating a cozy vibe to the area. Also, don’t forget to add some indoor plants to blend in with the traditional elements in the space. Few things can be an ideal match for traditional materials than indoor plants.

In a Zen-inspired bathroom, you need to find the balance of the elements in a space. There should be harmony in a place because it’s the quality that can help your mind be at peace. In your home, you should have space where you can relax after a stressful day from work or whatever you’re doing in your daily life.


The Zen-inspired interior design is one of the most popular home design trends today. It’s ideal to have in all areas of your home, especially to your bathroom and kitchen area.

Zen-influenced interior design can do the job of transforming your kitchen and bathroom into a calm and relaxing space. If you want to you incorporate the interior design idea of Zen, you can follow the list above for that purpose.


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