Interior Design: The basics

The basics of interior design are the founding principles upon which every successful application of interior design can occur. Interior design is the method in which an interior space can be shaped into an experience.  Here are the most essential basics of interior design to give you some direction on how to you create your design vision. 

Three Important Aspects of Interior Design 

1. The focal point: Occasionally, there are rooms that just have a natural focal point. These rooms just have a place in them to which your eye is drawn upon entering such as a fireplace, sky light or large wall. All good interior designs require that the room contain a focal point. Therefore, if your room lacks a natural focal point, create one with a large piece of art, colourful rug, large floor vase or another eye catching item. 

2. The Theme: When trying to come up with a theme for your room, a simple method would be to select an inspiration piece and then build the designs for the room around that piece. The inspiration piece could be something as simple as the design on a bedspread. Take a careful look at your inspiration piece to note all of the elements such as colours and patterns that you want to make sure to reproduce in the theme for your room. 

3. The Accessories: The accessories of a room can bring dramatic changes. In addition to being used to create a focal point in the room, accessories can be used to change the colour or pattern scheme of a room. This will allow for more contrast and variation which is far more interesting to the eye. Some must have items in the accessories department include area rugs, pillows, and art work. 

You should generally select these items according to the theme that you have already planned for your room. However, introducing items that are tangential or unrelated to the theme can often make the design more interesting when used sparingly. Accessories can be placed on the walls, furniture and floors as you see fit. 

Interior Design: It All Comes Down to the Details 

If there is one aspect that outshines nearly every other element in importance, it would be detail. When designing you should pay careful attention to the smallest of aspects in your design selections. This means that thread counts for bedding, lighting fixture choices, and even doorknob handle should receive a careful selection process. This tiny details are really what bring your vision together and you should carefully select them so that they allow your room to achieve its full potential. 

Next Steps

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