Increase the Market Value of Your Home with Lawn and Garden Enhancements


Nicely executed landscaping is both a positive and a negative aspect of a home's curb appeal when it comes to putting a property on sale. On the plus side, nearly any prospective homebuyer has images of attractive landscaping dancing about his or her head. On the negative side, although a prospective homebuyer will be impressed with lovely landscaping on first blush, that individual will also nearly immediately worry about the time and effort that may be needed to maintain to property.

There are some plumbing tactics you can take into consideration if you have a lush landscape and plan to put your home on the market. These plumbing additions will work to enhance the overall market value and general appeal of your residence when you put it up for sale.

Comprehensive Drip Irrigation

If you've taken the time to create magnificent looking flower beds about your property, you've created something in which you can take great pride. You may be a person who absolutely loves spending time each day tending to your flowerbeds.

The reality is that not all people are so inclined. If you put your home on the market for sale you will encounter prospective homebuyers who sincerely admire your efforts in developing amazing flower beds. However, they may be internally cringing at the same time contemplating the work required to tend to these beautiful patches.

One feature you can install, for a reasonable cost, is a comprehensive drip irrigation system for your flower beds. You can also add this type of system in a vegetable garden as well.

A drip irrigation system can be placed discretely throughout your flower beds. With this type of system, your flowers and other greenery can be watered with ease. You can even add a timing system to have the drip irrigation system activate and operate automatically.

Depending on your flower bed or vegetable garden setup, you've a couple of choices when it comes to the manner in which these landscape spaces are watered. You can select drip emitters, which operate in a manner rather like a sprinkler system serving a lawn. You can also select soaker hoses, which work to ensure that water gets to even hard to reach places. You might even elect to chose a combination of both elements.

When you advise a prospective buyer that this feature exists, you are certain to receive a positive response from that buyer. The prospective homebuyer will realize he or she can have the beauty of your gardening handiwork without expended an undue amount of time tending to the flower patches or vegetable garden.

Lawn Sprinkler System

Another step you can take to enhance the attractiveness of your landscaping when you put your house on the market for sale is a lawn sprinkler system. This is another step that will lessen the concern of a prospective buyer in regard to caring for landscaping.

There are a number of different types of lawn sprinkler systems to consider

  • pop up sprinklers

  • rotor sprinklers

  • impact and flush sprinklers

As is the case with a drip irrigation system previously discussed, a lawn sprinkler system can be placed on a timer. The fact that a lawn can be watered automatically is likely to be a positive addition for a prospective homebuyer.

Professional Assistance

Some people do undertake the installation of these two types of residential watering systems on their own. These usually are people with at least some experience in regard to plumbing issues, including basic installation.

With that said, a majority of people to seek out professional assistance when it comes to the installation of the two types of landscape watering systems mentioned previously. One reason why many individuals gravitate to a professional is because an experienced pro can assist in designing the layout of both types of watering systems in the first instance. The reality is that proper design undertaken in the first instance ensures a properly functioning system for the long term.

Cost Issues

The reality is that the costs associated with the watering systems discussed in this article are reasonable. Indeed, there exist some highly affordable options. The fact that the installation of these two types of systems makes you residence more attractive to a would-be buyer. Thus, obtaining these types of watering systems serves as a solid investment in your residence in advance of putting it on the marketplace. In the end, the enhancement of the landscaping through these systems may increase the market value, rendering these installations a solid investment.


Jessica Kane writes for PlumbersStock, the top choice of do-it-yourselfers and professional plumbers alike for all of their plumbing supply needs. 

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