Incorporating Japanese Design Into Your Space

Japanese design has emerged as a hot new trend when it comes to interior design in Singapore. If you are wondering how to incorporate Japanese design into your space, there are some key tips you will need to follow in order to get the right look. Here are 4 tips on how you can incorporate Japanese design into your space.

1. Encourage Minimalism

The first step to incorporating Japanese design into your home is to work on incorporating minimalism. This means that you will need to eliminate clutter and unnecessary furniture from your space that do not add to the design. When it comes to the layout of the room, you will want to pick the right amount of furniture that will provide more "Ma" to your space. The concept of "Ma" refers to the practice of leaving gaps of space between elements. These gaps work to create harmony within your space.

2. Select Simple Furniture

When it comes to the furniture for your space, you should make sure to select furniture that also features a minimal design. This means that furniture items with loud patterns or strange shapes should be overlooked in favour of furniture with a more traditional, simplistic feel. Focus on selecting items that feature clean lines and sharp corners.

3. Opt for Natural Colours

When it comes to interiors, many Japanese interiors feature materials that come in natural colours and textures. This means that colours such as white, black, grey and beige would be considered as staples for a room. You can also consider investing in wood floors or furniture in order to incorporate that natural element into the space.

4. Try to Incorporate Red

The Japanese view the colour red as one that is filled with energy, life and vitality. Try to incorporate bits of red into your space whenever possible as an accent colour. You can also buy specific red items in order to create a focal point for your room.

When it comes to Japanese style, you are always free to experiment. However, if you are looking for design that is authentic, these are the elements that are required.

A professional interior designer can help you to incorporate Japanese design into your space. If are looking for quotes from Singapore interior designers, click here.

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