Building An Impressive And Functional Walk-In Closet

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Walk-in closets have become more in-demand these days, and according to a recent survey, it's a highly sought after feature amongst first and second-time homebuyers. According to real estate experts, the reason why it's becoming so popular is because couples generally want a closet with more space, while singles like it because it allows them to keep their clothes, shoes, and accessories properly organized. Having a walk-in closet can also raise the value of your home, which is why if you're looking to have one in your house, it's important to build one that looks impressive but is functional at the same time. Here's a guide to building the perfect walk-in closet.

Choose your materials

Most people choose to have their walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and you can build one with a full closet renovation. If you have limited space, you can turn a nearby room into a custom walk-in or even turn under-utilized areas, such as space under the stairs, into a closet. Once you've determined where to put your walk-in closet, the next thing that you have to do is to choose your materials. Using a solid wood or wooden vinyl shelving can cost you about $1,000 to $6,000 to complete the project, while using a prefabricated closet system can cost less than $1,800, depending on the size. If you're using a prefabricated system, make sure that it has the right type of shelving units that will fit all your clothing and accessories. To give it an open feel, choose display cabinets rather than solid cabinet doors. The transparency of the glass fronts will make your walk-in closet look bigger, and it will encourage you to keep it organized. 

Make your closet look like a boutique

Proper organization is the key to having a beautiful walk-in closet. Organize by category, then by color, making sure to put key pieces in the front if possible. Plan on having all your winter coats in one section of the closet, and showcase your casual wear for spring, such as skirts and button-up dresses, in another section. Shirts can be folded and displayed on open shelves, while underwear can be stored in drawers. You can also assign several rows of shelves for your shoes, while another set of shelves can hold your handbags. To store small items or anything that's too unsightly to display, place a few woven baskets on the shelves, and use those to store anything that you want to hide to cut down on clutter and to enhance the aesthetic value of your closet. Don't forget to use matching padded hangers in one color for your clothes to give your walk-in a cohesive feel.

Decorate for a plush and opulent feel

Decorate your walk-in closet to give it a plush and opulent feel. Consider putting down a thick carpet on the floor, and add several sitting options, such as an ottoman in front of your shoe section and a round padded bench right in the middle of your closet. Install three-paneled mirrors on one wall so you can see your outfit from every angle (this will also make your closet look bigger). Good lighting is also key to make your walk-in look luxurious, so install under cabinet lights to make it easier to pick out an outfit, as well as a glamorous chandelier on the ceiling. Meanwhile, some fresh flowers in a white vase, or a big indoor plant like a rubber plant or a Monstera deliciosa, can bring some cheer and a touch of nature into your walk-in. For the final touch, install some speakers in your closet so you can play music while picking out clothes and getting ready for the day.

A walk-in closet makes dressing up more enjoyable, and it can certainly add value to your home. Consider these tips to build a beautiful and functional walk-in closet that you'll enjoy for years to come. 


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