How to Take Your Traditional Home to the Present Day


Traditional homes are not a design prison – they offer a lot of exciting opportunities to create chic new looks that will usher your living space into the twenty-first century. Modernising certain aspects is usually the first thing that springs to people’s mind, and luckily, there are numerous ways to do partial renovations that are affordable and effective. You do not have to resort to the complete overhaul. If you are interested in modernizing your household, here is how to take your traditional home to the present day.

The clutter goes out

You can always start with the easy steps first – getting rid of the clutter. Modern design generally leans towards minimalism and this is what you should be aiming at. Begin your “elimination” of needless items, furniture, and paraphernalia but keep in mind that a solid minimalist design cannot be achieved only through discarding stuff.

The best course of action is to take everything out of your household and start bringing furniture back in, piece by piece. This way, you will sort out your priorities and see what works and what suffocates your living space. Remember – less is more.

Focus on larger pieces of furniture

If you plan to modernize your home, you need to focus on your bulky furniture and decide whether you will purchase new pieces or reupholster the old ones. No matter what you decide, these pieces of furniture can determine the specific aesthetic feel for the rest of your surroundings.

If you own furniture that has gained a truly vintage quality over the years, you probably have a treasure on your hands that needs just a bit of sprucing up. Reupholstering your baroque sofa with new prints and colors and lacquering its frame can make the piece pop.

Furthermore, if you own a set that includes several sofas, an armchair, and a coffee table, do not shy away from breaking it up. Mismatching can create the aforementioned eclectic design which can breathe new life into your home.

Technology makes a difference

Adding cutting-edge technology and devices to your traditional home is the easiest way to modernize it. Nothing ushers the old house into the digital era like a custom designed home theatre system, with the latest wall-mounted HDTV, a powerful surround system and comfy seating solutions is the first thing that spring to mind.

Apart from that, you can consider separating the living room or the “parlor” area from the multimedia room, but this comes into play only in case you have space to spare.

Other contemporary tech solutions that you should definitely consider include an array of smart household appliances, motion sensor lighting, as well as automated roller shutters. 

Rely on broad strokes and small details

Redoing your floor can end up costing you quite a lot of money, especially if you live in a large house. However, redoing your walls is probably the most sensible project when it comes to finances. If you have opted to reupholster your ornate, old furniture, going for simple, stripped-down walls is the best course of action.

We have already discussed minimalism, so this should come as no surprise – choosing one color and discarding any hint of texture can be a powerful stylistic statement. Furthermore, you can accentuate this minimalism with fine and contemporary art pieces that will mesh well with your old furniture. The contrast can rest your eyes and create an interesting diversity.

On the other hand, if you have completely refurbished your house with new furniture at an opportune rate, vintage wallpaper can create a vibrant surrounding. Combinations and variants are endless, and it really comes down to your imagination.

Inexpensive renovations are a rare takeaway when you accept the challenge of ushering your old home into a new era. You have to be prepared to make compromises every step of the way, but if you invest enough love and care for small details, you will create an effortless blend of old and new that is both functional and pleasant on the eyes.

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