How to Successfully Stage Your Home and Move with Young Kids


Once you decide to sell your home and find another place to live, first you need a good staging plan. Your home needs to be free of most personal items, refreshed when it comes to paint, clean and always ready for show. But, how can you do all of that when you have kids running around, and we all know how messy and needy kids can be. And after you sell, there comes the big move! Just the thought of all that happening can make even the most determined people doubt their decisions. However, there are tips and tricks that can help you survive the staging process and your move with kids without too much trouble. Here’s what you should do to make these big changes in your life much easier and less stressful, both for you and your kids.

Successful staging

When staging a house, you need to take out all of your personal possessions that can’t be hidden and you have to keep the place clean and tidy, sometimes for months! This sounds hard on its own, but if you add kids to the picture….wow! However, there are some things you can do to make the whole thing easier.

Ready the to-go bags

You can’t leave things lying around your home the moment until you realtor calls and asks you to go out so she can show the house. It’s always best to clean up everything right away and even have to-go bags ready. Fill them with diapers, hygiene products, snacks and a few toys. Additionally, pack a bag for yourself too. Parents usually concentrate too much on the kids and forget the things they need, so pack your bag with a charger, makeup, a few hygiene products and some food.

Keep only a few toys

The easiest way for kids to create clutter is with toys! So, limit their play on only a few of their favorite pieces and put everything else away. This way, even if they feel extra destructive, you’ll be able to pick up the toys in only a couple of minutes. Additionally, make sure not to keep any art supplies in your staged home. It would be a shame if someone ruined those freshly painted walls or clean counters with crayons.

Keep cleaning supplies at hand

You’ll need to have brooms, mops and vacuums at hand and operational during your staging process, especially when you have kids. You really don’t want your vacuum to clog and leave your home smelling like a car repair shop. Also, make sure to get one of those mops with a sprayer. This way you don’t have to worry about the water, and you can make your home smell like heaven with some essential oils. Additionally, never leave cleaning supplies out, not even your hand soap (unless it comes in a decorative container).  

Find a good storage for your things

When your home is almost empty, you have to find a place where to put all of your possessions until you find a new place (your garage has to be empty). Maybe your parents’ home is nearby, or you have very good friends with some extra storage space. However, your safest bet is to rent a storage unit. There are even some practical Melbourne storage options where they bring the storage to you, so you don’t have to worry about the drive!

Plan fun outdoor activities

If someone wants to see the house, you better take your kids out. However, sitting in the car with them until the showing is over is just cruel, so plan a few activities in advance. Maybe hit the park, the zoo or the movies.

Time to move!

Congratulations on your sale! Now that you’ve finally sold your old home and found a new one, it’s time for the big move. No matter if you’re moving around the corner or a thousand miles away, your kids will probably not like it. However, there are tricks that can make your move with kids much easier.

Plan meal-times in advance

You and your partner can easily live on cereals and snacks until you’ve settled down completely, but your kids, especially toddlers, can’t. They need healthy food options and cooked meals. So, make sure to plan in advance and pack things like fruit, applesauce, healthy snacks and frozen cooked food you can heat up in the microwave. This way, you’ll have good meals without cooking.

Take it easy

Moving is quite stressful for adults, let alone children who don’t understand what’s happening, what is this strange place and what are all those boxes. So, make sure to take plenty of breaks while unpacking so you can spend some time whit your kids, make them calm and occupied. However, try to take things back to normal as soon as you can, so your kids can start adjusting to the place.

Don’t keep your kids in the dark

Just because your young kids can’t really help with packing and unpacking, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to know what’s happening. Try to explain that things are going in the boxes just so you can unpack them in your new home. They will not disappear forever! Also, most kids love to check out the moving truck, so don’t deny them that pleasure, even if you’re tight on time.

Explore the new neighborhood

One of the best ways to get your toddlers excited about your new home is to show them all the fun things the neighborhood has. Check out the parks, playgrounds and walking paths even on your first day. Once your kids realize their new home has some amazing places to play, they will accept it and adjust much quicker.

However, no matter how stressful this period is for all of you, make sure to cherish it and take a bunch of photos. This is their first time moving and you should record their first moments in your new home! And one final pro tip: keep the boxes—they make an amazing fort-building material!

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