How to Properly Light up a Children’s Room


There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to decorating children’s rooms. The main dilemma is whether we should let the children decide what they would like to have in the room, or simply furnish it ourselves with what we consider necessary. Just like with every other room in the house, there are things that are the base, and the ones that add to the atmosphere. However, there is one thing that falls into both: lighting. Each room needs to have good lighting in order to be a pleasant place for people to stay in, and with children’s rooms, there is, even more, to think about so let’s take it one step at a time.

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Natural light

We all know that the best source of lighting is the big star burning for us in the sky. But for kid’s rooms, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when installing windows, blinds and curtains. If you have a very small child, you might need thicker curtains that will block out the sunlight if they are trying to sleep while it is still daylight. On the other hand, it is very good for children to sleep with a clear view of the window, especially when they are toddlers, because it allows them to naturally adapt to the day cycle – sleeping at night and being awake during the day. Make sure you always have good curtains that block out any curious looks from the outside in and blinds that are child-safe so that your child won’t be able to accidentally hurt itself.

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Meet their needs

Children have many similar needs as adults do when it comes to lighting. The first thing you should provide is a good overhead light, to give even light around the whole room. Then a nightlight, in case your kid is afraid of the dark. Don’t try to improvise a nightlight by covering a lamp with anything because that poses a fire hazard, and that is the last thing you want. Lastly, they will need a very good, adaptable light source on their desk. Especially when they start school, they will be spending a lot of time reading and writing there, and you want to protect their eyes as much as you can, so make sure they have good lighting. Opt for either neutral or warm-toned lights, since they are the most welcoming. A cool light might make the room feel estranged and unwelcoming, and the child might not want to spend time there. You can have a lot of fun and create different crafts to decorate the light sources and make the room fun.

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Make it safe

Children are always curious – which is a great thing, except when they start going into every nook and cranny and exposed wires. Ask around for a reliable Sydney electrician who will do all of the light installations and make sure that everything is working properly. It’s hard to sleep at night if you know that there is an exposed outlet or a faulty wire that might hurt your child if they touch it, so put safety first and have a professional do the job.

When your children get older, you will most likely be drowning in all of their neon signs, fairy lights and other accessories that they will want to use to decorate their room and express their personality. But for now, enjoy the fact that you can choose not to have bright green lights when you walk into your kid’s room and make it a peaceful and safe space for them.

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