How to Paint Crisp Lines to Perfection

When you are painting a wall more than one colour, it can be difficult to achieve lines that are especially crisp. Lines that are not crisp can make a paint job look extremely unprofessional. Here are a few tips to help you paint perfect lines every time so that you will be satisfied with the results.

Get High Quality Decorator's Masking Tape

The first step that you should take is to obtain high quality low-tack decorator's masking tape. Low-tack masking tape will peel off with ease without taking off any paint along with the tape.

Define Your Lines

Take a pencil or a piece of chalk and mark the place where you want to divide the paint colours. The first paint colour should be applied to the wall slightly past the pencil or chalk line. The lighter colour should be painted on first so that if there are any drips in the paint, they can be easily covered when you continue with the rest of the paint job.

Apply Masking Tape to the Top Layer

After the paint has dried, you should apply the masking tape to the top layer of paint. The tape should be applied on one end and then unrolled, stretched tightly and then pressed done in place. Following this approach will ensure that the tape is applied in a straight line.

Apply the Second Colour of Paint

Make sure that the edge of the tape is approximately 1 or 2 cm to where the first colour has ended. The second colour should be applied slightly over the masking tape in order to create a crisp line underneath. To keep the paint from seeping under the tape and ruining your paint job, you should only put a small amount of paint on your brush at a time.

How to Keep the Paint From Peeling

If you want to keep the paint from peeling off along with the masking tape, make sure that you take the masking tape off the wall before the final coat of paint has dried completely. Make sure that the paint is not so wet that it will drip before you try to peel off the masking tape.

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