How to Improve More than Just the Space During an Office Renovation


Renovating an office space is a very effective way to boost productivity and sustainability. In fact, a survey by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) indicated that 90 percent of the time, an updated office design had a positive effect on worker productivity. However, renovations may take more than just time and money—it can disrupt business operations as well.

Luckily, there a couple preventive measures you can take in order to ensure that your customers are accommodated, your systems remain functional, and your employees maintain a relatively constant level of productivity throughout the renovation process.


Strategic Scheduling

Although it is not the most effective method, strategic scheduling is one way you can avoid losing productivity during renovations. This can be done by dividing the renovation project into several phases, perhaps by work area, instead of renovating the entire office all at once. However, you’ll have to temporarily move the employees into another work area if theirs is being renovated. This means that workstations or offices may have to be shared by employees or meeting rooms will have to serve as temporary offices.

Make sure the employees are aware of the scope of the renovation so it’s easier to communicate the steps that will be taken in order to manage the negative impacts of the project. Strategic scheduling can also be implemented by arranging employee vacation days and off-site training during the office renovation. Doing so will make it easier for you to re-allocate the remaining employees and still maintain business operations.


Maintain The Workplace

If you choose to let your employees work on-site during the renovations, you have to make sure that they are protected from dust, debris, and fumes which can be hazardous to their health. Always have the workspace cleaned before employees arrive in the morning and make sure that they are working in an area where they are safe from inhaling paint fumes. Also, make sure that the noise from the renovation is not too loud in their work area. This way, distractions that can hinder their productivity are avoided.


Temporary Relocation

Certain circumstances can make it necessary to temporarily relocate the workers. During renovations, it is often unavoidable to occasionally lose the internet connection or the power in electrical outlets especially if the electrical system is being upgraded. Instead of risking the loss of work progress, relocate your employees in a temporary location and provide temporary systems as needed. Look for offices in your area that can be rented by week or month.

These offices usually come with meeting rooms, workstations, and internet access in order to allow continuous business operations. Avoid a decrease in productivity by practicing proper management and by ensuring that all functional and technical elements are working properly in the temporary location.


Work Remotely

There are a lot of cloud-based software available today that will allow your employees to work away from the office. Before doing so, make sure that your employees are properly equipped with the right technology and tools, and that they understand how to use such technology. One program you can use is the Business Process Management (BPM) software which will help you create, implement, monitor, and organize the processes in your physical or digital business even during the renovations.

Renovating may seem too daunting but it can offer a lot of benefits and opportunities to your business. It will boost productivity, increase sustainability, and attract more clients or customers. Renovating is a crucial step if you want to stay ahead of competitors. If the risk of losing productivity is the problem, know that you can still pursue an office renovation while maintaining business operations.

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