How To Give Your Home A Touch Of Class With These Low-Cost Ideas


Whether you're checking out gorgeous designer apartments on Pinterest, or in glossy style magazines, everyone gets lost in the fantasy of the perfect apartment. And everyone knows the pain, when your style exceeds your budget. Obviously, you're someone with great taste, and you want to show it off.

But it's not easy to live a champagne and caviar lifestyle when you're budget is more wine box and pizza. But just because you're not exactly living the high life (yet!) doesn't mean you're stuck with Ikea furniture and the bed set you've had since college. Here are 6 ways to class up your decor on a budget.

1. Start with the lighting

Never settle for the flat, matte ceiling lighting. Beautiful vintage-inspired wall scones are an easy install, nd choosing table and floor lamps with brass fixtures can add a touch of class and distinctive style to any living space. Adding some depth to your lighting will also make your home feel more welcoming and intimate, whether you're entertaining friends, or hanging out at home.

2. Try antiquing

You don't have to frequent high-end antique shops to find vintage pieces. Check your local second-hand places for beautiful vintage pieces, and DIY them. Having one-of-a-kind pieces with a hint of old-world charm is sure to impress!

3. Splash some color around

If you're living in a cookie-cutter studio apartment or suburban home, do a little painting. Paint the front door, so it stands out from the neighbors. Or try repainting the tiles in the bathroom, or a nice pattern on the kitchen backsplash. Choose colors that are elegant, and subtle, but can still help you stand out. A good rule of thumb is to choose colors like bronze and gold, as well as shades of brown and beige. Getting creative, like using traditional rugs as kitchen rugs, is another way to keep the place functional, and beautiful, but also high class.

4. Cover the eyesores

Hide electrical wiring behind furniture, or cleverly placed decor items. A great trick is to create a handmade tapestry with a beautifully printed sheet or curtain, then hang it on the wall to cover the thermostat, radiator, or exposed outlets. You won't lose any functionality, and your home will look beautiful throughout. No clutter, no messiness, no ugliness.

5. Use What You Have

If you're a collector, shelving is a cheap and easy way to create both storage and display space. Even having beautiful books out is like having beautiful, functional pieces of art. The right shelves help your home look less cluttered. And because it's all things you tend to have around anyway, the only trick is finding the right space for it. Whether you're a collector of figurines, films, or comic books, displaying it prominently helps keep your home from feeling too cluttered, and, as a bonus, makes your favorite hobby into a deliberate style choice.

6. Swap Out For Brass Studs and Fixtures

Using gold, or brass studs on your furniture upholstery is a great way to give your home a touch of class. So is gold or brass handles on drawers and bureaus. If you can't find them, use metallic spray paints, in gold or bronze, to shine up your old fixtures, and give them the upgrade you're looking for on a budget.

We'd all like to feel we live in a palace sometimes. Whatever your style, it doesn't need to be cut short by your budget. Just like you should dress for the job you want, you should live life like you're already exactly where you want to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your space, and show off your class, even on a budget. Follow these tips, and you'll be living your caviar dreams, no matter what you have to spend.

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