How to Fix DIY Painting Mistakes

If you have taken on a do-it-yourself painting job, you may be pleased with the results aside from the small errors. Many of these errors may seem like they are not easily fixable, especially if you are not familiar with the tools of professional painters. Here are 3 tips to help you get your do-it-yourself paint job fixed up and looking professionally done.

1. Stains on the Wall

If there are stains on your wall, it may not necessarily be due to a mistake that you made directly. Grease and mildew on your walls can cause stains to appear when you try to paint the wall. However, there are some possibilities of removing the stains. First you need to start by getting a damp cloth and wiping the stained area with this cloth. After you allow the area where you wiped to dry, take some sand paper and sand this area down a little bit. After it has been sanded, go over the area with some paint primer. Leave this primer to dry and once it is dry follow up with a new coat of paint for the wall. This should take care of the stain.

2. Paint Drips

Paint drips are commonly caused by putting too much paint on a brush. There are several ways to approach this issue. If you have just dripped the paint, you should immediately wipe up the paint and put a new second coat of paint on. If the drips have already dried into the paint, you will need to touch up the area. Start by scraping off the drips with a razor blade or similar tool. Then you will need to go over the area with paint primer and follow up by touching up the area so that it looks uniform.

3. Paint That Is Flaking

If the paint that you applied is flaking off or previously applied paint is doing this, this means that the paint is old. You will need to do a lot of work to fix this problem and you should probably expand beyond the areas where you are seeing the flaking because the problem will only grow. You will need to remove the paint completely by using paint remover. After the paint is gone, sand down the area so that it is smooth. Then you should follow up with paint primer followed by two new coats of paint.

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