How to Design a Game Room?

Every home has a game room because it is a place for the entire family to relax. Most of the time, the game room is located in the basements of homes which makes it a great place for everything one family wants to have in it. If you design a game room properly, it will be the place which suits every family member from the youngest to the oldest. Due to that, I want to share with you few tips and tricks you have to make to design the best game room for you.

Measure the room

Before you start thinking about the furniture you will put in the room you have to measure it.  You don’t want to buy furniture and realize it is too big for the room. Measuring the room helps you decide how you will design the room and if the room is big enough, you can separate it into different areas. Measuring the room you can make a blueprint and you can first put everything on the paper. When you are satisfied with the layout of the paper, transform it into reality.

Design the room

Like I have already mentioned, with the proper layout it will be a breeze to design a game room. If the room is big enough make a video game corner, table game corner, corner for adults and even corner for kids. Think about the flooring, what kind of flooring is the best – the carpet or hardwood? Also, think about the wall colors. Keep in mind that white wall color will brighten the entire room and it is the best color for decorating the space.

Think about the furniture

Now is the place to fill the game room with furniture. Having different theme corners is a great idea because it gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. If you and your friends have kids you can all hang out in the same room and have a blast. For example, you and your friend can go play on the foosball table in game table corner while your wives are hanging and gossiping in the bar across the room. Kids, on the other hand, can play video games in the video game corner and it is a win-win situation for not only one, but two families.

Final touches

Filling the game room with furniture is not enough for 100% completed room and you know that. What is missing are final touches aka decorations. A great idea is to decorate every corner in one theme, just don’t overdo it or the game will look like a circus. Due to that, fill the room with stylish decorations like vintage tables or chairs, mount the TV in the video corner on the wall, hang black and white posters on the walls. Find one style that the entire family loves and make the entire game room in that style. That way you will have an impressive game room which you will use with a smile every day.

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