How to Design a Cozy Living Room


A living room is often the central room of your home, the one you spend the most time in and the one you should feel the most comfortable in. It also serves multiple purposes, since it should be intimate enough to be used by you and your family daily, but it also needs to be used for entertaining guests.

All of this is to say that a living room is at its best when it’s cozy and comfortable to use. This is often confused with being small and packed with furniture, but it isn’t the case.

A sofa

A central part of a living room should be a large and cozy sofa. Have in mind that you should choose that sofa to serve both as a seating area and possibly as a couch so you need to go for something broad and easy to transform.

It should also be easy to move or at least moveable with some effort. Since it’s the central piece of living room furniture, you don’t want it anchoring the room and not giving you enough options when it comes to changing the outline of the place.


With all the other rooms, you can experiment with a variety of lighting options, but the living room needs to be bright during the day with enough natural light coming in at all times. If that means that you need to add a window, then that’s what you should do.

When it comes to artificial light, you can’t have enough of accent lights throughout the room. It’s best to try to imagine how the room will be used and what the seating arrangements are, and to add a light fixture everywhere when one might need it. These are lights you should be able to dim and use to create an ambiance.

Small touches

As is often the case with design, all the planning and care you take with choosing the big pieces can only come together and actually create the effects you want if they are brought together by the smaller items. The same is the case with coziness.

For instance, a few scented candles or an oddly designed vase could have the same importance as the way you choose a color palette for the room and arrange the furniture. Don’t let these details be an afterthought for you.


Decorating with plants has been popular for years now and there’s a reason for it. It allows you to make your room seem fresh and new a couple of times a year simply by letting your home reflect the seasons and change with them. It’s also much less expensive than other decorating options.

When you choose the plants, it’s not enough to focus on how they look and what they add to the room. The plants also need to be maintained and watered and that’s what you need to have in mind when making the choice, since you don’t want it to take over too much of your time.

The living room isn’t the end

Even though the living room should be the main focus of your design plans and your home, it can never be treated as a space separate from the rest of your home. This is especially the case if the living room is made to be soft and cozy while the rest of the house is more minimalistic and functional.

Try to avoid these sharp distinctions and make your living room blend in with the rest of the home. This can be accomplished by using similar color palettes and textures that mix together easily.

A living room should be made cozy and comfortable since it’s the most intimate and the most useable room in your home. This should be done by creating the design around how you plan to use the home.

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