How to create an entertainment center in your living room?


Your living room might be the most important part of your house. This is the place where your family grows closer, you spend time together, and you create new memories. A well-designed living room is the basis of healthy family life, as it gives your family common grounds where you are all equal and open to each other. The perfect way to complete your living room is to add an entertainment center which you can use together for ages to come.

1. Start with the shelves

The wooden construction that surrounds your television and gaming console is the most important part of your entertainment center. It adds all the charm and flair to your living room. Without it, you'd just call it a spot for your TV.

What kind of style do you want to create? Some people like giving a rustic and old-timey look to their entertainment center, while others prefer something sleeker and more contemporary. Whatever you pick, make sure it matches the looks of the rest of the living room. Any home center will have the wooden parts you need to make the shelves.


2. Hide the cables

Before you finalize the design of your entertainment center, you want to consider making it easier to organize. You’re going to end up with a lot of cables whichever way you look at it. The speakers, gaming console, and TV will need a bunch of cables to connect properly.

The backside of the entertainment center has to have enough room for them to fit and plug into the wall, but it also needs to fit snuggly near the wall so that it doesn’t create an unsightly gap. Before you start cutting any pieces of wood, you might want to take that into consideration. You don’t want the back of your center to accumulate a bunch of dust that needs to be cleaned up.

3. Get some good speakers

When you want to listen to music or watch movies on your entertainment center, you’re going to need some pretty good speakers. If you spent a lot of money on the visual aspect, there’s no reason for you to neglect the sound quality.

You don’t need professional studio monitors to enjoy music and movies. Some high-quality computer speakers could do the trick just fine. However, if you want to get the full surround sound experience, you might need to look a bit further. Some more complex shelf speakers require a bit of know-how to set up. You will need to connect them to an amplifier in order to get the extremely crisp sound and quality bass.


4. Make room for your TV

Your television is going to be the main centerpiece of the whole construction. After all, it’s the main attraction of any entertainment center. Making sure your TV fits snuggly in the wonderful set you've built for it is crucial.  

If you want to make more room for your books and games, you could place the TV on a higher position. If you mount it on your wall, it’s going to give you a better angle for your viewing pleasure. Not to mention, attaching it to the wall isn’t all that difficult. All you need is some TV wall mounts and a screwdriver and you’re pretty much set. The additional space between the bottom shelves and TV could be used for a gaming console.

5. Don’t forget about the games

Gaming has become an integral activity in most gaming rooms across the world. People like playing video games and they offer you the opportunity to relax and immerse yourself in a fantasy world. People of all ages can gaming since there is infinite variety among gaming niches. A gaming console might be the perfect addition to your new entertainment center.

Most games work across multiple platforms, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. Make sure you create some shelves for your gaming controllers and cables beneath the console. If you are sick and tired of dealing with so many cables, you can always get a wireless controller instead.



If you’re searching for the perfect entertainment center, you’ll search forever. What you need to realize is that your entertainment center will be made perfect because of the quality time it will provide for you and your family. We’re confident that these tips will get you as close to perfection as possible. The last step is to break in the new entertainment center with an old-fashioned family movie or game night.


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