How to Create a White Kitchen

It can be very difficult to choose the right colour palette for your kitchen. However, having a white kitchen is a classic colour option that can be very fresh and warm if done properly. Here are 5 tips on how to get a white kitchen that looks inviting.

1. Use Multiple Shades of White

Using multiple shades of white can create the contrast that you are looking for when it comes to a white kitchen. Using an eggshell white for the walls while using plain white for the countertops can provide contrast and make the kitchen look more inviting.

2. Use Glass

Glass shelves and mirrors can really help to open up the kitchen and allow more natural light to flow in. If you have a separate entrance for your kitchen, consider installing glass doors.

3. Add Metal

While metal is used in large quantities in a white kitchen, it can make the kitchen seem cold. However, when metal is used sparingly in the kitchen for appliances, it can add a modern feel to the kitchen. A metal such as aluminium and stainless steel can also help to reflect the light in the kitchen thanks to its shiny gloss.

4. Provide Relief With Decorative Items

While a white kitchen should have white in most of the major items of the kitchen such as the cabinets and walls, don't be afraid to incorporate some other colour items into your kitchen. Elements such as a flower arrangement or art for the walls can add a bit of colour to the room that will make the design feel more relaxed and not as rigid.

5. Opt for Minerals Such as Granite

Granite can work very well in a white kitchen for a kitchen island or countertop. You should select a colour that is lighter in order to match the white decor. The granite will add a sophisticated, polished look to your kitchen that very few materials can achieve.

Bringing the elements together to create a modern, white kitchen can be somewhat challenging to make sure that all of the items actually look like they belong together. This is where the expertise of a professional designer can help. 

If you are trying to design your kitchen, a professional interior designer can help bring everything together. Click here to request your free quotes today.

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