How to Choose the Perfect Window Roller Blinds?


Are you confused between the various types of window roller blinds? Window roller blinds are a great way to maintain privacy, set up the mood for a room, controls the amount of light that you want to come inside your cabinet. But there are so many given options that you tend to get confused. And trust me, all of them serves different array of purposes; after you read this guide, you will be pretty sure regarding which one to use depending on your need and choice.

1) Deciding and Measuring

You need to decide whether you prefer a fitting inside the recess or outside it. If you have a small room, having it inside the recess can be a good idea because there will not be much wall around them. When you have the window roller blinds inside the room, you will have to play with the color of the curtains. If you have a large room, you need to install the window roller blinds outside the recess to ensure that more of the light is blocked.

After you have decided where to get it installed, you need to measure the height of the recess and the width of the narrowest point of the recess. If you are going to install the window roller blinds outside the recess, you will have to add 4cm to the sides and 15cm to the height of the recess. You will also have to figure out the side you want the catch and pulley to be, so that you can access them as they are flexible.

2) Choosing a Style

  • Vertical Blinds

If you want to cover the wide area of the windows, sliding or bi-fold glass doors, or the entrance and anything which is basically a large space, you must opt for vertical blinds. These window roller blinds don't bunch up at the window top but stack at the side of the window. They are very much used in the conservatives and summerhouses. They keep hanging from the top of the window stack and is slides to the sides whenever you want to open them.

  • Roller blinds

If you are looking for privacy, this must be it. They black out the room from the outside world, be it light or some of your nosy neighbors. If you live in an area where it is extremely cold during the winters, you can install them because they protect the room from the chilly cold. There are no gaps in them, so they don't allow passage of cold or hot air. They can be very easily installed and don't get tampered at all. There are a lot of colors and textures available, so you can choose depending on the color of the room.


  • Roman blinds

They give formal look to your room, so if you have a work office in the room, you can use these. They are made from soft fabric and there is a pulley to operate it. When you open the window roller blind, the blind concertinas turn into large horizontal pleats so that you can see the fabric and it lets some light inside. You can't install it in rooms where it can attract moisture and creates dampness in the bathrooms.

  • Venetian blinds

These slatted window roller blinds are made from wood, plastic or metal. You can use them in the bathroom and kitchen or any room where the moisture content is more. They can filter out unwanted light and can also prevent dampness.

Conclusion - These are some of the options which can make your room look great. Make sure you choose the color depending on the mood as there is a wide range of options available.

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